How to Say “Wow” in Indonesian – Phrase – Expression

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This time we will discuss about how to say “wow” in Indonesian. The word of “wow” are used for express admiration and surprise. “Wow” words are always at the beginning of the sentence followed by an expression of awe or surprise.

Here are the examples of how to say “wow” in sentence:

  • Wow! Itu sangat mengagumkan! (Wow! That was amazing!)
  • Wow! Bagaimana dia melakukan itu? (Wow! How did he do that?)
  • Wow! Itu sangat gila. (Wow! That’s crazy.)

Just by expressing the word of  “wow” everyone will know that it’s an expression of admiration or surprise. Because facial expressions will also be drawn when saying the word “wow”. There is no limit in using the word “wow” as a form of expression.

Almost all even all countries in the world use the word of “wow” as an expression of admiration for something, only the way the pronunciation of each country is different. The pronunciation of the word of “wow” in Indonesia is the same as pronunciation in countries like England and America.

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The word of “wow” can also be placed at the end of a sentence, but that rarely happens. For example, as shown below :

  • Sangat sulit dipercaya, wow. (Very hard to believe, wow.)

There are several other words that are almost the same as the word wow. Examples such as the words oh and wah. In Indonesian, the pronunciation of oh is the same as the pronunciation in another country. The pronunciation of wah is the same as the pronunciation in Korean. Because countries like America tend to sound the word “waw” while in Indonesian the pronunciation is like wa-h.

All these three words have the same meaning, namely admiration but at different levels. The word of “oh” is expressed in the sense that the person just found out what someone else has just said. The word of “wah” is almost the same as “wow” which expresses admiration. It’s just that the word of “wah” has a medium level of admiration, not yet to level of “very amazed”. While the word of “wow” expresses admiration to the level of “very impressed” with something.
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Here are the example of these three words in Indonesian :

  • Oh, ternyata seperti itu. (Oh, it turns out like that.)
  • Wah, novel ini sangat bagus. (Wah, this novel is very good.)
  • Wow! Tidak dapat dipercaya! (Wow! That’s unbelievable!)

Admiration or surprised expression also can’t use the word “wow”. You can immediately say the sentence is amazed or shocked. Like the example below:

  • Luar biasa! (Incredible!)
  • Hebat! (Great!)
  • Astaga! (My goodness!)

Besides the face, the sound is also drawn with that admiration. Mostly, someone’s voice will be loud when they are in a position of “very impressed” towards something.

Those were some phrase how to say “wow” in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!