PDKT Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia – Slang – Examples

PDKT is one of informal abbreviation in Indonesia. This word is very popular between young people in Indonesia. This word is already popular since back then, maybe even before the year 2000. As a result, older people (thirty to forty years old) maybe also know the meaning of this word.

PDKT Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia

PDKT is an abbreviation for Indonesian word “pendekatan”. It is taken from first letter on each syllables. “Pendekatan” is similar with “approach” in English if translated. However, in Indonesian slang, PDKT is not the same with any approach.

“Masa PDKT” or “PDKT era” can be interpreted as a period when two people, male and female, become closer after an introduction. It is also can be interpreted as a period right before the confession of love. Usually, during this period, they already very close and getting to know each other before actually dating. During this period also people can determine whether they are good enough to be together as a lover or not.

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How to Pronounce PDKT in Bahasa Indonesia

As PDKT is an informal abbreviation, to pronounce it just say each word in Indonesian as P-D-K-T or pe-de-ka-te. “E” in “pe”, “de”, and “te” is pronounced similar with “e” in “pen”. The “a” in “ka” is pronounced similar with “a” in “last”.

Examples of Using the word PDKT in Indonesian Daily Conversations

Below are several examples on using the word PDKT in Indonesian daily conversations:

  • A: Gimana kabarmu dengan Ana? How is it going with Ana?

B: Masih dalam tahap PDKT. We are still getting to know each other more.

  • A: Kenapa kamu sering chatting dengan John? Why are you often chatting with John?

B: Kayaknya dia lagi PDKT ke aku. It seems like he wants to approach me and try to ask me out.  

Examples of Sentences Most Used When “PDKT” in Indonesia

Below are several examples of sentences that can be used when “PDKT” in Indonesia. Usually, in Indonesia, the boys are more active in PDKT era and they are the one that try to be close first with the girls. As a result, usually, this words are said by the boys.

  • Hai : Hi
  • Apa kabar? : How are you doing?
  • Selamat pagi : Good morning
  • Selamat malam : Good night
  • Bagaimana kuliahmu? : How is your college going?
  • Kamu sudah makan belum? : Have you eaten yet?
  • Ayo makan bareng : Let’s eat together
  • Kamu lagi sibuk nggak? : Are you busy right now?

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That’s all about PDKT meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you for reading.