Reasons Why Playing Games Helps You Learn Indonesian Language Faster and Easier

Playing games is associated with hours of sitting while doing nothing productive. It is true that games can help people to refresh their mind. However, it turns out that playing games can help you to learn Indonesian faster.

Interesting, right? To know more about the reasons why playing games helps you learn Indonesian faster, read the explanation below.

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1. Games provide media to engage more practice

Learning a language can be faster if you have more chance to practice. Games is one of the most effective way that can provide you more media to engage practice.

By playing games, your brain is trained to be able to think faster and you will practice speaking Indonesian. You will also willingly used all vocabulary you know, including also structures of Indonesian language.

2. Games help you learn variety of skill

By playing games, you will learn variety of skill. In games, you can practice language skills such as listening, reading, speaking, or structures in a simple and quick way.

You can see that after playing games your skill will develop faster. You can also learn other things that you may not found in a regular language classes. 

3. Playing games help a lot to your memory

Learning a new language, including learning Indonesian requires a lot of practice and a good memory, of course. However, remembering a lot of new vocabulary from Indonesian can be overly overwhelming for you.

However, through playing games, you will find that you can remember the vocabulary more easily. Several games can also give stimuli that help you to remember words by acting them out, remembering the clue, or by hearing from other people.

4. Games can easily grab your attention and reduce your stress

Learning a new language by only reading or sitting in a class can be boring. When you bored, you will feel like it is very hard to learn and receive new knowledge.

However, playing games is a lot more fun. Games can easily grab your attention. Games help you to focus on your study and learn many new things. You will also feel less pressure resulting in less stress when learning. 

5. Games allow you to interact with other people

Interaction with other people will help you to learn other language faster and easier. By playing games, you will have more interaction with other people.

When talking and sharing with other people, you may hear and learn new knowledge or vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia. You will also able to remember it easier and faster. 

6. Games provide in-context learning

You can learn new language faster when you are forced to use information that you already know in a real world situation.

However, you cannot easily find real life situation when you have to use Indonesian in several context. To overcome this, games can provide you a lot of in-context learning. In other words, you will face a lot of simulation of daily real life situation in games that pressure you to use Indonesian. This is definitely will help you to learn Indonesian faster.

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That’s all about the reasons why playing games helps you learn Indonesian faster. Thank you for reading.