Reasons Why Successful Students Learn Indonesian in the Car and How to Do It

Learning is usually done in a classroom or in the study room. However, have you heard about learning Indonesian in the car? This may sound weird, but many successful students learn Indonesian in the car.

To know the reasons why successful students learn Indonesian in the car, read the complete explanation below.

  1. You can be more productive when stuck in the traffic

When you in the car, you will absolutely lost several minutes or hour of your time. Especially if you have to commute for a long drive everyday or stuck in the traffic.
All of this wasted time can be better if you fill it with more productive activities, such as learning Indonesian language. If you are very busy you can consider to learn Indonesian in the car, just as the same with successful students.

There are many ways or applications that you can use to learn Indonesian in the car. Make your time more productive and start learning Indonesian in the car instead of mindlessly listening to the radio or some random music.

  1. Listening to audio content in a car is a good method for learning Indonesian

Listening to some audio content is a good method for learning Indonesian. It is considered the fun and efficient way to learn new language.
You can find a good Indonesian podcast that will help you master Indonesian and learn how to pronounce some words, how to use it in sentence, learn new vocabularies, and even learn the accent and pronunciation.

  1. Listening to Indonesian music can make you stress free

Listening to some music in the car is the best way you can do to make your mood good while driving. Why don’t you just use the time you spend in the car to listen to some good Indonesian music.
Indonesia has many good musicians that produce good music with good language, especially the older music. While the music is exciting and good to hear, you can also learn some Indonesian vocabularies and listening from the song. 

Listening to the music in the car is also can make you feel less stressed or even stress free. Music is proven scientifically able to heal our mood and mind. This way, you can learn Bahasa Indonesia in a good way. Also, when you learn without stress you will be able to understand and learn Indonesian faster.

  1. You can learn Indonesian alone in the car

When in the car, you can learn Indonesian alone. This means that you can be as loud as you want without feel shy or afraid of disturbing others. This will help you build your confidence. As a result, you will be able to speak Indonesian more fluently.

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That’s all about the reasons why successful students learn Indonesian in the car. Thank you for reading.