Indonesian Suffix -lah (Theory – Formula – Example)

Selamat datang! Welcome back! After learning about Forming Indonesian Words Using Indonesian Affixes, this time we will get deeper to one specific suffix, which is Indonesian suffix ‘-lah’. You might hear this suffix in many of Indonesian people oral conversation. But, do you really understand how to use it? Therefore, right know let’s get more […]

6 Types of Indonesian Suffix -an (Formula and Example)

Welcome back to another lesson about Bahasa Indonesia. As you know, Forming Indonesian Words using Indinesian Affixes are very critical in terms of learning Bahasa Indonesia. You have known, there are several types of affixes that form new words and meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. However, this time, we will focus with one of them, which […]

Indonesian Prefix ‘Per-‘ (Formula and Examples)

Selamat datang! Welcome back! Welcome to another lesson about Indonesian Prefixes. After learning about the prefixes, such as me- Prefix and Indonesian Prefix Ber- , it is time to move to another one, Indonesian Prefix Per-. Let’s learn about its function and how to use it in Bahasa Indonesia. Before we move, please check these articles […]

7 Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes – Formula – Examples

After you learn about Indonesian Suffixes, it is time to move to another Indonesian affix, which is the combination of prefix and suffix. There are two type of the combination. First, konfiks [kon’fix]. It is a term that refers to inseparable combined Indonesian prefixes and suffixes that attached to a single grammatically-correct word at the […]