A-Z Basic Balinese Phrases and Examples – Easy to Learn

Om Swastyastu. Welcome back. As a main tourist destination in the world, learning Balinese phrases and examples is as important as learning Indonesian pronunciation of basic words of Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, you should also master some important Balinese phrases. You won’t miss opportunity to visit Bali when you have a plan to go Indonesia, right? […]

Learn The Balinese Phrases and Pronunciation – Brief Examples

Om Swastyastu. In Indonesia, Bali is the biggest international tourist destination because its beach (and scenery) as well as it beautiful culture and people. Even the local language found Bali to be their main destination in Indonesia. Of course, beside learning Bahasa Indonesia, you should also get familiar with some Balinese phrases and pronunciation. Therefore, […]

A-Z Useful Balinese Phrases – Tourists Should Know

Beside learning Indonesian, learning useful Balinese phrases is quite important too because Bali is one of the biggest tourist destination in the world. Therefore, after learn Balinese swear words, why don’t we learn some very common Balinese phrases that may help you a lot in the most visited places for tourist destination. It is also part […]

A-Z Important Indonesian Simple Phrases to Learn – Complete Examples

Learn Indonesian simple phrases with only 3 minutes would help you a lot to express your feeling and thinking. This way to improve speaking skills would give you wide range of vocabulary, starting from Indonesian survival phrases until Indonesian cultural words. Let’s learn the simple way to say hello as well as learn the simple and common Indonesian […]

Indonesian Phrases that Tourist Should Know with Complete Examples

As tourist, at least Indonesian easy phrases in Bahasa Indonesia is a must. Therefore, let’s learn the quickest Indonesian phrases that tourist should now. It would help you a lot in communication as well as giving some advantages while you abroad in Indonesia, such as bigger chance to get cheaper price. Hence, it would also […]

Indonesian Helpful Phrases to Learn – Complete Examples

Hello everyone and welcome back to Mastering Bahasa. Learning about Indonesian helpful phrase could be the fast track of mastering Bahasa Indonesia. These also includes some Indonesian survival phrases that would make you sounds like an advance learner. Now, let’s we take a look some examples of Indonesian helpful phrases that would help you less […]

Indonesian Phrases for Ordering Food – Complete Examples

Learn the Indonesian phrases for ordering food that would help you get a delicious meal as well as happy feeling. Of course, understand some words for food would be very useful, but we should learn another phrases to fulfill your needs too, right? Therefore, we would also learn some important phrases, similar to asking questions […]

A-Z Informal Indonesian Phrases – Vocabularies and Examples

Learn the informal Indonesian phrases fast and make you sounds like a pro as well as friendly. Of course, learn formal language is really important to learn about language system. However, practically, you need to be flexible too. Therefore, informal Indonesian phrases would be more than list of slang or broken language. So why don’t […]

A-Z General Indonesian Phrases – Complete Examples

Learning and mastering general Indonesian phrases with only minutes? It is very possible. It is one of the tips of learning Bahasa Indonesia for people who only has limited time. Why don’t we try to understand and memorize some most important phrases in Indonesian? Take a look of these following words. Indonesian Daily-life activity In […]

Polite Indonesian Phrases – Examples and Meaning

Beside learning general vocabulary, we should also know the polite Indonesian phrases that would help you to communicate. Who want to be misunderstood just because they’re considered as disrespectful just because language barrier. Therefore, learning Indonesian formal language is as important as learning daily life vocabulary. Let’s take a look the list of Indonesian phrases […]