Learn The Balinese Phrases and Pronunciation – Brief Examples

Om Swastyastu. In Indonesia, Bali is the biggest international tourist destination because its beach (and scenery) as well as it beautiful culture and people. Even the local language found Bali to be their main destination in Indonesia. Of course, beside learning Bahasa Indonesia, you should also get familiar with some Balinese phrases and pronunciation. Therefore, […]

A-Z Useful Balinese Phrases – Tourists Should Know

Beside learning Indonesian, learning useful Balinese phrases is quite important too because Bali is one of the biggest tourist destination in the world. Therefore, after learn Balinese swear words, why don’t we learn some very common Balinese phrases that may help you a lot in the most visited places for tourist destination. It is also part […]

100 Balinese Swear Words You Shouldn’t Say

Selamat datang kembali di Mastering Bahasa! Welcome back! We have explored much knowledge about Bahasa Indonesia, from Indonesian Pantun to Indonesian Phonetics, until finally know about Giving Directions in Indonesian. Of course, when you learned about another language, one of the most interesting parts is the Bad Words and Its Meaning. Even though, bad words […]