A-Z Useful Balinese Phrases – Tourists Should Know

Beside learning Indonesian, learning useful Balinese phrases is quite important too because Bali is one of the biggest tourist destination in the world. Therefore, after learn Balinese swear words, why don’t we learn some very common Balinese phrases that may help you a lot in the most visited places for tourist destination. It is also part […]

A-Z Indonesian Language Useful Words (Examples and Meaning)

Hello, everyone. Welcome back! When we learn about language, we will talk about vocabulary for sure because it is as important as Indonesian Grammar Rules or Indonesian Part of Speech. Therefore, you must collect as much lexical resources as you can to master Bahasa Indonesia. At this opportunity, we will discuss about Indonesian Language Useful […]

Is Indonesian Useful to Learn? Here’s The 3 Facts to Know!

Aloha good people! In this time we will talk about something new that is quite different topic among the previous ones. Yes we want to discuss whether Indonesian is useful or not to be learned. As the learner of Bahasa Indonesia, what do you think about this language ? Is it worth enough ? Then, […]

Learn 500 Useful Indonesian Words in 5 Minutes

Beside Indonesian Grammar Rules,  learning Indonesian vocabulary is a very important in expressing ourselves in a conversation. Therefore, this time, let’s learn Indonesian 500 Useful Indonesian Words and Its Meaning. To make it more organize, it will divided to several themes. 1. Useful Indonesian Words related to ‘Family’ keluarga = family orangtua = parent(s) ayah = […]

Useful Vocabulary in Indonesian Language You Might Need to Learn

Hello there, let’s back to learn something new in Bahasa Indonesia. So, are you excited today? We hope you all excited what is the lesson today. Today we talk about a similar thing like yesterday, yup it is about useful vocabulary in Indonesian language. Vocabulary in Indonesia is much, you also already learn about Indonesian days […]