How to Say “Beautiful Girl” in Indonesian – Examples

Every girl in the world is beautiful. Every girl from every country is different but all of them are beautiful. One of the best compliment that every girl like to hear is to be called pretty or beautiful. Indonesian girls are also beautiful and they like to be complimented for it. To know more about […]

How to Say You Are Beautiful In Indonesian – Phrase – Definition

A compliment is something we say to praise someone. It is a form of admiration toward other person. It is true that everyone loves to be complimented. It gives happy feeling. Although it is a polite remark that actually can be not the truth, it can still make us happy. We should give compliment to […]

How to Say Beautiful in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning

Beautiful in Indonesia can used to people or scenery. And, there are a few ways on how to say beautiful in Indonesian: Formal Language : How to say beautiful in Indonesian in formal ways : 1. Cantik This word can be used in everywhere because this is formal language. Contoh : Kamu cantik sekali hari […]