How to Say “Beautiful Girl” in Indonesian – Examples

Every girl in the world is beautiful. Every girl from every country is different but all of them are beautiful. One of the best compliment that every girl like to hear is to be called pretty or beautiful.

Indonesian girls are also beautiful and they like to be complimented for it. To know more about how to say beautiful girl in Indonesian, you can read the complete explanation below.

Beautiful Girl Meaning in Indonesian

We tend to describe beautiful girl as a girl that is good looking, pretty, and eye catching in a good way.

Almost all of Indonesian people are also agree with that. If we translate the word beautiful girl per word to Indonesian, the meaning will be:

Beautiful: cantik

Girl: gadis

As English and Indonesian word have different noun word order, if translated as a whole into Indonesian, beautiful girl will mean “gadis cantik.”

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Several Words To Say Beautiful Girl in Indonesian

Indonesia is a relatively large country that consists of thousands of islands. All over Indonesia, people in different area have their own traditional language.

Even when they use Indonesian language, there can be several differences in different area. As a result, there are many words that you can use to say beautiful girl in Indonesian. You do not have to always use “gadis cantik.”

Below are several words that have the same meaning with cantik or beautiful

  • cantik
  • rupawan
  • elok
  • ayu
  • jelita
  • cantik jelita
  • cakap
  • cakep
  • anggun
  • juita
  • memesona
  • menawan

Besides, there are also several words that have the same meaning with gadis or girl

  • gadis
  • cewe
  • dara
  • nona
  • perempuan
  • wanita
  • perawan
  • inong 

Among those words, the words that mostly used in nowadays daily conversations are:

  • Gadis cantik
  • Cewe cantik
  • Cewe cakep
  • Perempuan anggun
  • Gadis rupawan
  • Wanita mempesona
  • Gadis yang cantik jelita
  • Wanita ayu

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Example of Saying Beautiful Girl in Indonesian Sentences

Now that you already know several words that you can use to say beautiful girl in Indonesian, you can read several examples of saying beautiful girl in Indonesian sentences below:

  • Gadis itu sangat cantik

That girl is very beautiful

  • Gadis cantik itu adalah adikku

That beautiful girl is my younger sister

  • Wanita rupawan itu adalah ibuku

The beautiful woman is my mother

  • Dia telah tumbuh menjadi gadis cantik

She has grown up becoming a beautiful girl

  • Ada banyak cewe cakep di kelasku

There are many beautiful girl in my class

That’s all about how to say beautiful girl in Indonesian. Thank you for reading.