Is The Indonesian Word “Bahasa” Derived from Sanskrit “Bhasha?”

As you might know, language is translated as “Bahasa” in Indonesian. You might wonder… Where does this word come from? Is it derived from Sanskrit “Bhasha”? What was the connection between the Indonesian language and Sanskrit? If you look at Indonesian’ prehistory, you will find that Indonesia has a long story with Hinduism, which used […]

How to Say Namaste in Bahasa – Definition – Origins

Many of you maybe already familiar with the word “namaste”. Several of you may also already know that this word come from Hindi Language. This word is well known because it is said at the end of every yoga class. This word is the common greeting in yoga. However, the word “namaste” has a wider […]

Learn About Indonesian Sanskrit Names: History and Examples

Have you ever come to Indonesia? Or do you have Indonesian friends? If yes, named it! Most of Indonesian named their children with Sanskrit names like Adi, Widya, Bayu, Devi, Mira. It so rare to see an Indonesian with western name like George, Catherine, Mark, Smith. Do you want to know why? Indonesian name usually use […]