A-Z Indonesian Musical Instrument – Vocabulary and Culture

Who doesn’t love hearing music? Everyone loves music ever since they’re child. But, have you tried hearing Indonesian kind of music? In Indonesia, music is divided to two general categories. Modern music and traditional music. However, these days, many of genres using Indonesian traditional instruments to add some cultural meaning. Also find out about Indonesian High Context […]

Learn About Indonesian Sanskrit Names: History and Examples

Have you ever come to Indonesia? Or do you have Indonesian friends? If yes, named it! Most of Indonesian named their children with Sanskrit names like Adi, Widya, Bayu, Devi, Mira. It so rare to see an Indonesian with western name like George, Catherine, Mark, Smith. Do you want to know why? Indonesian name usually use […]

Find Out About Indonesian Birth Names Order and Meaning

Hi Fellas~ How’s your Indonesian language progress? Can you make a paragraph and tell a story with Bahasa now? If yes, then it’s great! Next question, Have you come to Bali? Do you realize that Balinese sometimes has a same name like putu, wayan, or made?  Do you want to know why they have a same name […]

A-Z Indonesian Drink Names – Vocabularies to Learn

Hi Everyone! How’s your week? We hope today will be a happy day for you! Now it’s time for us to learn about Indonesian hacks. What do you know about Indonesia? Do you know about Indonesian dishes and drink? If you want to know more about Indonesian dishes, simply  check our post about top Indonesian […]

Indonesian Memorial Day – History – Tradition – Celebration

Hi everyone! How’s your day? We hope you are great as usual. There have been many articles about Indonesian language, phrases, and our culture as you can check here to check the article. In this article we will tell you about Indonesian memorial day, an Indonesian public holiday to commemorate the Battle of Surabaya which took place in […]

Indonesian Days Name – Vocabulary – Examples

How’s your day? We hope you have a great day as always Still urge to learn something new? Good, as today we will tell you Indonesian days name. Day in Bahasa means “Hari”. Days are plural which called “Hari-hari”. Just like others, Indonesia have seven days a week. However there is a slight difference in the […]

Top 7 Indonesian Dishes Names All The Time – Learn The Vocabulary

Hi! Feel hungry yet? Want to try Indonesian food? Nice choice! Indonesia is known to have many good places and tasty dishes. As you have known, Indonesia is an archipelago that consist of many provinces and every province has its own dishes . Can you count how many Indonesian dishes then? Yes, there are lots haha […]

5 Games to Learn Indonesian Language on Android (Free and Easy)

Hi Fellas, How’s your Indonesian process? Still excited to learn something new? Sometimes learn new language means you need extra cost on your budget because of its course, book, and language training. Not only extra cost, you also need to allocate your time to go to your course place. Worry not! You can maximize what we […]

A-Z List of Indonesian Adverbs – Types and Complete Examples

Hi! Still struggling with your Indonesian lesson? Worry not, we are here to make it easier for you. In this session, we will show you list of Indonesian adverbs. Adverbs in Indonesia mean  “Kata Keterangan”. Adverbs is an adjunct which gives information about something. There are several adverbs in Indonesia such as: adverbs of time […]

How to say “Mrs” in Indonesian Language (Definition and Examples)

Planning to go on travel? Indonesia will be the best way on your sweet escape~ Or do you just love to learn languages? Indonesian language is interesting to learn! There is a phrase “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. Every country sure has its own characteristic and culture that differ them from other country. […]