The Difference of Bisa, Boleh and Dapat in Indonesian – Complete Examples

Deciding to visit new country, soon? If yes, it is better to learn the language from the country you want to visit. There are benefits you will get if you want to learn the new languages. You find it easy when you visit the country so that you don’t need to hire an interpreter.

If you decide to visit new country in Asia, especially, one of the famous country with its culture Indonesia, you’d better learn the language from the simple words. As same as English or other international languages, Indonesia language has also its different types of words or how to use them.

These are the example of the words which have the same meaning, on the other hand, they can also have different meaning to be spoken or used. They are the word bisa, boleh and dapat. Here are the difference between bisa, boleh and dapat in Indonesian words. The meaning of the words bisa, boleh, and dapat The word bisa, boleh, and dapat if we transform the meaning into English, we can say them as may or can. In Indonesian language, those words has different words form and how to use them in the sentences. According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI: The Big Dictionary of Indonesian Language) Here are the meanings of the words: Bisa: can (modal verbs), Kebisaan: skill/ability (noun), Sebisanya: as best as /someone/ can (sentence). Bisa: poison from animal (noun) Boleh: may (permission), Memperbolehkan: giving permission (verb), Kebolehan: skill/ability (noun). Dapat: can, may (modal verbs), Mendapati: find (verb), Pendapat: opinion (noun) The Differences of bisa, boleh, and dapat From the meaning of the words bisa, boleh and dapat, they can be concluded that dapat is the representation of the word bisa and boleh. If somebody speaks dapat, it can be as the meaning of bisa and boleh. These words are often used in formal or informal conversation or handwriting. The word dapat is formal and boleh or bisa is informal. The differences between bisa, boleh and dapat Indonesian words that can be seen is the usage of bisa is used for showing someone or the living things’ skills. Meanwhile, the usage of boleh is used for showing or giving someone’s permission. Boleh and bisa are sometimes used on handwriting communication, on the other hand, dapat is often used for it. Example of Usage
Perempuan itu bisa memainkan biola: She can play violin Bolehkah saya meminjam pensilmu? : May I borrow your pencil please? Ia dapat memakan 10 sosis dalam waktu 10 menit: He can eat 10 sausages in 2 minutes.
Laila mempunyai kebisaan di bidang pengoprasian komputer: Laila has skills on operation computer Anak-anak boleh memainkan ponsel pintar pada akhir pekan: The children may play smartphone on the weekend Anak-anak dapat membuka kado mereka setelah acara ulang tahun selesai:  Children may open their presents after the birthday even finish
Ayah sudah membetulkan mesin mobil sebisanya, namun mesin mobilnya belum menyala: Daddy has fixed the car machine as best as he can, however the car machine hasn’t lit up Para guru memperbolehkan anak-anak muridnya untuk makan di kelas pada hari Rabu saja: Teachers give permissions to their students for eating inside the class only on Wednesday Polisi mendapati sesuatu yang janggal: The police find something strange
Racun dari ular itu membunuhnya: The poison of snake kills him Para penyelam khusus menunjukkan kebolehannya menyelam pada laut dalam: The special divers show the ability for diving in deep sea Memberikan pendapat yang bermutu adalah keahlian Profesor Jack: Giving great opinion is Professor Jack’s skill
 Those are the explanations and the examples of the difference between bisa, boleh and dapat in Indonesian words. The alternative words that can be used is the word dapat for bisa, and boleh. Now, you can apply those words while you are visiting Indonesia. After learning about 5 Indonesian Grammar Structures , you should check out these following articles to enhance your Bahasa Indonesia skills. Good luck and keep practice!