List of Subjects of Indonesian Grammatical Structure (Complete Examples)

Hello, are you ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia this time? So, this time we gonna learn more how to know some of the lists of subjects in Indonesian. The previous on the grammatical structure of Indonesian subject verb object, we have learned that the Indonesian structure sentence is similar to English. Thus, let’s learn about list of subjects of Indonesian grammatical structure.

Subject Indonesia usually takes place in the front of sentences. It could be saya (formal) or aku (informal), kamu, dia, kami, and mereka. However, subject in Indonesia can be a person, name of people, profession and object. You can check the last article on how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia

Basic of Subject in Indonesian

  • Dina pergi ke pasar (Dina goes to market)
  • Tika membeli ikan (Tika buys a fish)
  • Saya sedang minum teh (I am drinking tea)
  • Mereka membaca buku komik (They are reading the comic book)
  • Meja itu berwarna merah (That table is red)

The above words that in bold are the subjects to the sentence. All the subjects are taking place in front of the sentence. The subject in Bahasa Indonesia always followed by predicate or verb then the object. This is the basic sentence in Bahasa Indonesia that should you know.

Let’s see the first example; Dina pergi ke pasar. Dina is a female (person), that actually she is a subject in this sentence. Besides, the next example Saya sedang minum teh. Saya (formal) or aku (informal) has the same meaning as I am. Saya or aku is the first pronoun’s person in Indonesia and it’s single. That is also the subject in Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia has five mainly of the pronouns, there are saya or aku, kamu, dia, kami or kita, dan mereka. You need to learn more about Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar

The last example, a subject in Bahasa Indonesia can be followed by the word ” itu, ini, and yang. Which these words are as the delimiter between subject and predicate, such as the last example; Meja itu berwarna merah. Meja itu, the word of meja in this sentence is subject with a delimiter’s word itu. So, then you can see the predicate or verb and object after this subject. It’s easy, right. You need to learn more about Indonesian Grammar Rules

Here are the examples of  Subjects in the middle of sentences

  • Di dapur, Saya sedang memasak. (In the kitchen, I am cooking)
  • Di dalam ruang yang sunyi itu, Rani menagis. (In a quiet room, Rani cries.)
  • Semalam, Beni tertidur. (Last night, Beni slept)

Indeed, a subject is not always in the front of sentences. It could be the middle of the sentences like the above examples. The first example; Di dapur, Saya sedang memasak. Di dapur (in the kitchen) means a place, not a subject. So, the subject is Saya (I am) as a performer and the word of sedang memasak is the predicate or verb.

With these, do you notice the difference? While the subject takes place in the front it can be separated by particle (itu, ini, and yang). Besides, while the subject takes place in the middle, it can be separated by a place, times and the other information and also with a comma. So, how it takes? Do you understand with this? 

Here are the examples of  Subjects at the end of sentences

  • Semua kue itu dimakan oleh Dinda.  (All the cookies has been eaten by Dinda.)
  • Buku – buku itu dibeli oleh Pak Salman. (That book has been bought by Mr. Salman.)
  • Mainan itu dirusak oleh mereka. (That toy has been damaged by them)

After seeing some of the examples on above, it might be a little difficult, right? But, do not worry it is simple. So, besides the subject takes place in the front and the middle of sentences. The subject can take place at the end of sentences too.

Like the example this one, semua kue itu dimakan oleh Dinda. Semua kue itu these words are not the subject, they are the object. Then, dimakan this word refers to predicate or we have known as a verb. So, the subject of this sentence is Dinda. Otherwise, mainan itu dirusak oleh mereka the words of mainan itu are not the subject, they are the object.

Then, the word of dirusak is the predicate or verb, and the subject is mereka. To make it easy, remember this way. While the subject is at the end of the sentence.  In the front of the sentence, there will be an object, then predicate and also the subject. So how’s far? Could you remember it well? You have to see this on examples of a proper noun in Bahasa Indonesia

Hopefully, the above of list of subjects of Indonesian grammatical structure today could be useful you who never stop to learn Bahasa Indonesia. So, never give up to learning Bahasa Indonesia, because with the working hard we can definitely get what we want. Learn and practice Bahasa Indonesia more and more. Good luck.