The Words That Are The Same in Indonesia and English – Examples and Lists

Nowadays, people tend to learn new language in order to enhance their knowledge of speaking as their second language. Indonesia has applied the regulation of speaking English as second language in almost all areas or fields, from the students to elderly.

Indonesian people think that speaking English is as important as building their skill in order to get better links or jobs. Other occasions, people of Indonesia learn English to get better communication especially, in this globalization era.

Some difficulties may be found by some Indonesian people or foreigners because they are not easy to memorize the new words in English or Indonesia.

However, there are some words that are the same in Indonesian and English and it sometimes makes people of Indonesia or people who want to learn Indonesia are easy to learn some words. So, what are they?

  • Changed Formation Words

Probably, not all words are exactly the same as the Basic English words which will be derived to Indonesian words. For example, English words of adaptive become adaptif in Indonesian words. Both meaning of the words are the same.

By the way people read that words, the formation of the words will be changed, both in Indonesian or English. Mostly, the format changed will happen if the words come from English and the words will be translated or derived into Indonesian words.

  • Here are the example of format changed words English-Indonesia:
English Indonesia Example of usage
Amerika Have you ever been to America? (Sudah pernahkah kamu ke Amerika?)
Bisnis Are you in Business trip? (Apakah kamu sedang dalam perjalanan bisnis?)
Cek Have you got the check? (Apakah kamu sudah mendapatkan kertas cek nya?)
Disko Do you like Disco? (Apakah kamu suka musik Disko?)
Ekstra The power needs extra push. (Kekuatannya butuh dorongan ekstra)
  • Unchanged Formation Words

The unchanged formation words of English words to Indonesian words often happens with the words which is given specifically to the Indonesian name things. For example, the Indonesia words Batik, cannot be changed into English words, because it is a special name for the heritage fabric from Indonesia.

Thus, both English and Indonesia it will be spoken as Batik. The words which is derived from Indonesia into English will be translated into the long description. For example, the words Kecap will be elaborated as the soy sauce not tomato sauce as in English words ketchup

  • Example of special words for Indonesian special things
Indonesia English Meaning
Batik (Patterned fabric from Indonesia)
Tempe (Made from soybeans and yeast combination)
Kecap (Soybean sauce)
Rambutan (Tropical fruit from Indonesia, green to red colored, and have soft and thick hair)
Komodo (a big lizard from East Nusa Tenggara)

The unchanged formation words that are the same in Indonesian and English mostly happen when the words are derived from Indonesian to English. Some words are also derived from the habitual words which Indonesian people speak.

  • Example of habitual words in Indonesia
English Indonesia Meaning
Mudik Going Home
Amuk Got angry
Sambal Special sauce from Indonesia made by chili, garlic, and onion, not spicy – hot.
  • Example of Sentences
  1. Apakah kamu akan pergi Mudik di Ramadhan tahun ini? Are you going Mudik this Ramadhan?
  2. Malingnya di amuk massa. The Thief is amok by the mass.
  3. Apakah kamu suka Sambal? Do you like Sambal?

After read some words that are the same in Indonesian and English, what other words you may find the same as in Indonesian and English words?