What Currency Should I Take to Bali? Exchange Rate – Indonesian Rupiah

As a foreigner who wants to have a trip to Indonesia, specifically, Bali, there must be a thought, “what currency should I take to Bali?” To make you feel better about the services in Bali, there are plenty amount of services to change currency or money. Most of them are also trustworthy, especially the one that is big and in the center of big city.

Even though most of the money changers are trustworthy, there are some money changer services that will do anything to get the most revenue. When in Bali, you still need to be careful so that you will not be deceived or feel disadvantaged by the money changer services. So, if you are planning to go to Bali in the near future, consider knowing these tips on what currency you should take to Bali.

Check the Current Currency Exchange Rates

Before you plan to go to any country, always check the current currency exchange rates between your country’s currency and your target country’s currency. In Bali, the local currency is Rupiah or Rp. So, before you go to Bali, be sure to know about the flow of the currency rates.

By knowing the current currency rates, the chance that you are going to be deceived by the local money changer is below the deck. The possibility of the money changers will give you the wrong exchange rate can be neglected if you already know the newest exchange rates.

Review Your Country’s Bank Card Provider in Bali

If you are still not so sure about the current exchange rates, or feel unpleasant to always check it, you can do a little bit of research whether your local banks provide ATMs in Bali. By knowing if your local banks open their service in Bali, you do not have to go to money changers to get Rupiah. Just use the ATMs that your nation’s banks provide.

For instance, in the UK, the Nationalwide Flexaccount opens its service in Bali. To use this service, UK tourists do not have you pay the charge or free of charge. So, it is so advantageous to know whether your local banks open service in Bali or not.

Other Alternative about using ATM, you can use worldwide or international banks to hold your money to be used in Bali. Not only international banks will give you simplicity to change currency, they will also give a bigger amount of money to change each withdrawal.

So, if you are going to have a vacation or business trip to Bali, you can always bring your country’s currency because in Bali, there are numerous booths that offer money changing.

You do not have to worry about not being able to change currency. The only thing you have to know is that be sure to know the current currency rates  and use the trustworthy money changer booths, or just use the service of  the local banks or hotels.

Have fun on your next trip to Bali.