A-Z Useful Indonesian Phrases While Traveling in Bandung

Bandung is one of popular tourism destination in Indonesia. The city is located in West Java, on a mountainous area. This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool weather.

Bandung is not only popular among local tourist, but also popular among international tourists. You will find many natural beauties, cultural heritage, and also the delicious local food.

To help you more comfortable in Bandung, here we will give you list of useful Indonesian phrases while traveling in Bandung. Note that most of people in Bandung are Sundanese, so the words will be mixed between Indonesian and Sundanese.

Phrases to Use in Public Transportation

Mostly, in Bandung people use “angkot” as a public transportation. Below are several phrases that will be useful when you ride the angkot.

  • Pak, apa benar ini angkot ke Dago?

Sir, can I ride this angkot to Dago?

  • Pak, lewat rumah makan Ampera nggak ya?

Sir, do you pass Ampera restaurant?

  • Kiri, Pak

This phrase is use to stop the angkot when you want to alight the car immediately.

  • Kiri payun, Pak

This phrase is use to stop the angkot when you want to alight the car in a few distance. This will give the driver some time to control the car to the side of the road so you can go down safely.

Phrases to Use in Restaurant

  • Permisi, boleh lihat menunya?

Can I see the menu please?

  • Saya mau pesan nasi goreng dan air mineral

I want to order fried rice and mineral water

  • Permisi, boleh saya minta bill-nya?

Excuse me, can I have the bill please?

  • Permisi, di mana toiletnya?

Can you show me how to go to the toilet?

  • Apakah makanan ini pedas?

Is this food spicy?

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Phrases to Use in Tourist Attraction

  • Berapa harga tiket masuknya?

How much is the entrance fee?

  • Apakah saya boleh bawa kamera?

Can I bring a camera?

  • Boleh bantu ambil foto saya?

Can you help me to take my picture?

  • Bagaimana cara bisa ke kebun binatang?

How do I go to the zoo?  

Popular Bandung’s Traditional Snack and Food

Traveling to Bandung will never be complete without trying the traditional snack and food.

Here, we will give you the list of popular Bandung’s traditional snack and food:

  • Cireng (snacks made of tapioca and fried)
  • Cilok (snacks made of tapioca made into balls, steamed and then stabbed with a stick)
  • Cimol (snacks made of tapioca made into balls and fried)
  • Cilor (snacks made of tapioca and fried with eggs)
  • Seblak (snacks made of wet crackers with other various toppings)
  • Oncom (food made from fermented soy)
  • Nasi timbel (rice served within banana leaf with additional menu of fried chicken, tempeh, tofu, and so on)
  • Karedok (various vegetables with peanut sauce)
  • Mie kocok (mixed noodles)
  • Surabi (sweet snacks)
  • Gehu (Fried tofu with various stuffing)
  • Bandros (sweet snacks made from flour and coconut milk)
  • Peuyeum (snack made from fermented cassava)

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That’s all the explanation about useful Indonesian phrases while traveling in Bandung. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Bandung. Thank you for reading.