Why is the Indonesian Education Curriculum Harder Than Other Countries? Check The Explanation!

If people are talking about English or other materials at school such as math or biology, they relate to the subjects which are learnt or studied. If it is taken for one example of subject, English language, the subject is relate to the language subject and it is known to be studied and drilled for the first time at school. If people decide to focus themselves into the subjects, they decide to continue them into the college or universities.

Subjects relates much about the meaning of a curriculum. According to Cambridge online dictionary, curriculum is the subjects in a school, college, etc. and what each subject.

The curriculum is the mandatory thing in a school, college or universities in order to give the students the focus of the subjects to be learnt along the semester or course. Curriculum must exist in all schools, college, universities, all around the world, especially Indonesia.

The meaning of curriculum in Indonesian and when it is made

According to KBBI: Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (The official Indonesian Dictionary), curriculum (Kurikulum: perangkat mata pelajaran yang diajarkan pada lembaga pendidikan; perangkat mata kuliah mengenai bidang keahlian khusus), meaning the set of the subjects which are taught in an educational institutions, or the set of lectures about the specific skills.

The Indonesian curriculum has three different stages or levels, from the elementary school (Sekolah Dasar), Junior High School (Sekolah Menengah Pertama), and Senior High School (Sekolah Menengah Atas).

Those curriculum in three different mandatory stages or levels of school are made before the school is started in every new semesters. The curriculum is likely to be made if the ministry of education substitute into the new person or leader in charge.

The new curriculum must have their own different names and they are applied into the school with their different regulations and types without setting aside of three important factors. They are cognitive, affective, and motoric, according to the article written by Reiza Patters on Kritik atas Kebijakan dan Kurrikulum Pendidikan Nasional.

However, most Indonesian students seem hard to apply this curriculum while they are learning in the class. The question appears, why is the Indonesian education curriculum harder than other countries?


The reasons why Indonesian education curriculum is harder than other countries

  1. Many theories, lack of practice

The students of Indonesia will gets many subjects to be learnt in the class. The subjects must have the theories in order to gain the understanding of a subject or material to be learnt or studied.

However, Indonesian students get many theories in some curriculum which was made before. They earned good understanding in theories but got lack of practice relates to everyday life in order to get the full understanding of a subject. Instead of getting the real practice, they get many homework.

  1. Getting more practices with less of in-depth theory discussions

In some subjects, the practices are very important than the theories. It ends up on students do not really understand what kind of subjects or materials they have to be learnt or studied in the class, but they have to practice and understand them at the same time.

Not all students can have the same way of learning, in this way is practicing and getting the theories. However, some students need to be given the theories and deep understanding about what they are going to learn.

  1. The subjects in the curriculum are hard to master them all

According to Republika news on the implementation of 2013 Indonesian curriculum for students, some parents admitted that the subjects were hard to be learnt. The discussions and the orderliness were hard to be understood, even by the parents. It ends up making students lamented.

The level of the subjects are sometimes quite far from the understanding level of the students. The early level elementary school students sometimes find them hard in doing the exam because the language is too formal from their understanding. The early level elementary school should be given the easy exam, without setting aside their tagline, ‘learning by playing.’

There are still some reasons why is the Indonesian education curriculum harder than other countries. The reasons are based on different people or government’s experiences. What do you know about the reasons why the Indonesian curriculum is harder than other countries?