Ways to Make An Indonesian Angry – Indonesian language Rules

Words and language is a powerful tool. You can make change and differences by only using speeches and through conversations.

However, you can also make a person angry just because of your words or language. In this article, we will discuss about ways to make an Indonesian angry in Indonesian language.

Several Words That You Can Avoid in Indonesia

First of all, you have to understand common Indonesian people traits. The most common traits that you can find in almost all of the people is that they don’t like conflicts.

They are usually being careful not to make other people angry. As a result, you also have to be careful not to make them angry.

They usually want to being seen as a good person. They don’t like to be ashamed. Below are several words or sentences that you can avoid:

  • Harsh words or curse words

Avoid using harsh words or curse words when talking with an Indonesian. They also don’t like to be called by using animal’s names. In other word, you should avoid calling them babi (pig), anjing (dog), monyet (monkey), elephant (gajah), and others. You should also avoid using curse words.

  • Avoid using words or sentences that pointed out their body characteristics

For example, you can avoid using words gendut (fat), kurus or cungkring (skinny), pendek (short), pesek (pug nose), botak (bald), and so on.

  • Indonesian people are also don’t like open conflict or controversy in front of too many people. Avoid rebuke them in front of other people. You can discuss about something that you don’t like about them when there is no other people around
  • How you call and respect other people is also very important in Indonesia. Don’t call older people by only their name. Try to use the proper words, for example kakak (older sister or older brother), mbak (older sister), mas (older brother), Bu (Mrs), Pak (Mr), and so on

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Tips on How To Be Friendly With an Indonesian

If you already know about several ways to make an Indonesian angry, you can try to avoid doing those things. Here, we will give you several tips on how to be friendly with an Indonesian:

  • Smile

Smiling is very important when talking to other people, not only in Indonesia. Try to smile a lot when talking or greet Indonesian people

Say Indonesian greeting, for example selamat pagi (good morning), selamat siang (good noon or good afternoon), selamat malam (good night), dadah (bye), and others.

  • Say other magical words for example tolong (help), terima kasih or makasih (thank you or thanks), and permisi (excuse me)

That’s all about ways to make an Indonesian angry in Indonesian language. Thank you for reading. I hope the information will be helpful for you.