The Words That Are The Same in Indonesia and English – Examples and Lists

Nowadays, people tend to learn new language in order to enhance their knowledge of speaking as their second language. Indonesia has applied the regulation of speaking English as second language in almost all areas or fields, from the students to elderly. Indonesian people think that speaking English is as important as building their skill in […]

How Many Indonesian Words are Thought to be Dutch Origin?

As same as many other countries, Indonesia also felt the colonialism from some other countries, especially from western countries. The famous colonialism and the longest coloniali sm of Indonesia had ever felt came from the country called Netherland. Almost more than 350 years, Netherland colonialized Indonesia, from 1602 up to 1949. The Dutch, that was […]

What Is the Origin of the Word Mudik in Indonesia? Definition – Tradition

Indonesia is rich as its cultures and provinces. Indonesia is also famous as the country with hundreds of tribes, one of the biggest Muslim countries in the world, and one famous capital city called Jakarta or other big cities, Indonesia people tend to do the activity called Mudik. If Indonesia people have stayed for such […]

How to Say Hello in Javanese Indonesia – Definition – Examples

Indonesia is reach for its many kinds of cultures and languages from 34 provinces. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia with the biggest population is the Java Island. Java Island has 6 provinces. If you decide to visit those Java provinces which speak Javanese language, you had better start to learn how to say […]