When Did Indonesia Became Independent from the Dutch?

Indonesia and the Netherlands shared special relationship where they have shared history of colonial interactions for centuries. If you curious about when did Indonesia became independent from the Dutch, read explanation below. Dutch People Arrival and Start of Colonization Dutch people first arrived in Indonesia on June 22nd, 1596. They came to Indonesia through Banten […]

Will Dutch-Derived Indonesian Words be Slowly Displaced by Their English-Derived/Indonesian Equivalents

Remember your History lesson, folks! Because today we are going to talk not only about Indonesian but also Dutch and English. Why bring the Dutch in? Well, Indonesia experienced a long colonial history under Dutch rule. Their long period of existence in Indonesia then affected the culture, including language. Dutch has left an extensive imprint on […]

Why Don’t Many Indonesians Speak Dutch?

Long time ago, for around 3.5 centuries from around 1600 until around 1900 Indonesian was colonized by the Dutch. 3.5 centuries is a very long time. During the time, many of Indonesians interact and meet Dutch people. However, nowadays, we can’t easily find Indonesian people, even the elder that can speak Dutch fluently. In addition, […]

How Many Indonesian Words are Thought to be Dutch Origin?

As same as many other countries, Indonesia also felt the colonialism from some other countries, especially from western countries. The famous colonialism and the longest coloniali sm of Indonesia had ever felt came from the country called Netherland. Almost more than 350 years, Netherland colonialized Indonesia, from 1602 up to 1949. The Dutch, that was […]