6 Useful Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest population country in the world. As an Indonesian people, we speak Bahasa Indonesia as our first language. But sometimes, we are questioning about the importance and benefits from learning Bahasa. Here is the benefit of learning Bahasa, both in Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. Indeed, there are many Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia.

1. Growing Love of Our Country

When you (Indonesian) learn your language or Bahasa, it means that you preserve your nations heritage. On October 28th, 1928, youth from all over Indonesia gathered around and vowed in Sumpah Pemuda, which is they will uphold the language of unity, Bahasa Indonesia.

2. Knowing the Cultural Values ​​of Indonesia

One of the elements of culture is language. Because it shows the identity of a nation and the culture itself. Inside the language contain the norms and value, that differentiate one nation with another. Indonesia itself has many various culture, and so is the norms and value. But we have motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity, and all of those culture united in one language : Indonesia.

3. Preserving the Bahasa itself

In this modern era, sometimes we spoke with another language than Bahasa Indonesia, mostly in English. One thing that we can do is keep using Bahasa Indonesia in any occasion, because a language can be extinct if it is never use by the people.

4. More Confident

Indonesia is of the largest nation and country in the world. Many countries acknowledge us so we have to be proud of ourselves. Recently, many foreigners outside Indonesia learn Bahasa and our culture, because they saw how beautiful our culture is. With how to Introduce Yourself in Indonesian it grows your confident and make you more proud to our country.

5. As an Identity of Nation

Language is one of the identity of nation. Although Indonesia and (for example) Malaysia are cognate, there are a difference that can easily found. In Bahasa, there are Morphology and Structure of Bahasa that distinguished Bahasa Indonesia and Malay language. Beside that, there are some of Indonesian Verb Phrase that makes a different with Malay.

6. Cultivate the Skill, Talent, and Creativity

In Bahasa Indonesia, we are taught various skill, particularly in speech and writing. Through learning Indonesian, we can show the outcome of creativity. For example, if you have an oration talent, you will get a recommendation yo speech in front of public or join the speech competition.

If you are talented as an actors/actress, you will get the right stage to distribute it/chance to show your talented such as in theater, etc. The similar thing also applied in writing. Through writing you can sharped your creativity by bringing up the idea (i.e short story, article, etc).

That is the benefits of learning Bahasa Indonesia. There are still much more than we elaborate to you, but we hope you enjoy and take a benefit as much as we get. Meanwhile, you can start with Common Greetings In Indonesian for Beginner to learn.