37 Indonesian Shopping Phrases – Meaning

Hi! Planning to spend time in Indonesia for a while? Shopping is one of the inevitable activities that you will surely do during your stay, whether it is just a visit or a longer stay.

You’ll need to go to various shopping spots like traditional markets, supermarkets, department stores, boutiques and other stores to fulfill your needs during your stay. Knowing Indonesian shopping phrases will make your shopping so much easier and more convenient as it will be easier for you to communicate with the sellers.

Pro tip: if you’re shopping in traditional markets or more humble stores, you can always make a bargain to the seller so that you can get the item you want in the best price possible.

Indonesian Shopping Phrases

Check out these sample phrases to help you out to make sure you won’t spend too much time and money in the shops!

  1. Belanja yuk! – Let’s go shopping
  2. Berapa harganya? / Yang ini harganya berapa? – How much does it cost/do they cost? (Learn more about Indonesian numbers)
  3. Cuma lihat-lihat – Just looking around
  4. Lihat-lihat dulu ya – Looking around first
  5. Bisa lihat yang ini? – Can I take a look at this?
  6. Bisakah saya coba yang ini? – Can I try this one on?
  7. Mahal sekali    – It is very expensive
  8. Harganya terjangkau – The price is affordable
  9. Tidak mahal bu – It is not expensive, Madam
  10. Bisa saya tawar? – Can I bargain?
  11. Boleh kurang? – Can you make it cheaper?
  12. Harganya sudah pas? – Is the price fixed?
  13. Harga pas Pak – It is fixed price, Sir.
  14. Ini barang import – This is imported goods
  15. Masih segar?  – Still fresh?
    (Learn more about Indonesian food vocabularies)
  16. Masih baru – Still new
  17. Saya mau beli yang ini – I want to buy this one
  18. Mau beli berapa Pak? – How many do you want to buy, Sir?
  19. Dimana bayarnya? – Where can I pay?
  20. Permisi, bagian baju wanita di mana ya? – Excuse me, where is the women’s clothing section?
  21. Anda bayar di kasir di sebelah sana – You pay at the cashier
    counter over there.
  22. Apa menerima kartu kredit? – Do you accept credit card?
  23. Bisa bayar tunai? – Can I buy in cash?
  24. Dimana saya bisa membeli sepatu?– Where can I buy shoes? (Learn more about Indonesian words for clothing vocabulary)
  25. Saya cari kaos buat anak saya – I am looking for a t-shirt for my child
  26. Ukurannya apa Pak? – What is the size?
  27. Ada ukuran XL tidak? – Is there XL size?
  28. Terlalu kecil – It is too small
  29. Terlalu besar – It is too big 
  30. Anda punya yang warna merah? – Do you have the red one? (Learn more about colour in Indonesian vocabulary)
  31. Saya mau beli oleh-oleh – I want to buy souvenirs
  32. Yang mana yang sedang diskon? – Which items are on sale?
  33. Bisa dikirim ke tempat saya? – Can it be sent to my place?
  34. Ada biaya kirimnya? – Is there any delivery cost?
  35. Gratis bu – It is free
  36. Tidak ada biaya kirim – There is no delivery charge
  37. Beli dua gratis satu – Buy two get one

After you finish your shopping routine, don’t forget to be a well-mannered buyer and thank your seller. Thus, that was the Indonesian shopping phrases. Also Learn how to say thank you in Bahasa Indonesia as well!