Birthday Wishes in Indonesian language – Phrases – Definition

Hai semuanya, apa kabar? I hope everyone is ok. This time I am going to give you one of the most used thing in Indonesian conversation. This most used thing in Indonesian conversation is about best wishes in Indonesian language. The birthday wishes in Indonesian is “harapan ulang tahun”.

The same as best wishes in Indonesian, birthday wishes is used to wish for someone’s good fortune, especially in their birthday. In Indonesia, people give the birthday wishes to someone in their birthday, as a wish for their best and better life. Let’s check it out!

How to Pronounce Birthday Wishes in Indonesian Language

Birthday wishes in Indonesian is commonly using “semoga”, “mudah-mudahan”, and “harapan”. Semoga (se-mo-ga) is the most used one in birthday wishes expressions. “mudah-mudahan” (mu-dah mu-dah-an) is common to be used in expressing birthday wishes, but many people choose to use “semoga” more often than “mudah-mudahan”.

Happy Birthday : Selamat Ulang Tahun

While “harapan” (ha-ra-pan) is usually used when other people ask the one who is having birthday (what is your birthday wishes/apa harapan kamu). Despite of that, you can use all three of those words to express birthday wishes in Indonesian. Here are some recommended articles for you.

The Concept of Birthday Wishes in Indonesian

In order to use birthday wishes correctly, you should know about the concept of it. Birthday wishes is usually expressed to someone in their birthday annually. In Indonesia, wishes especially birthday wishes are used to wish for someone’s good fortune in their life.

Birthday is the right moment, because many people expect some good fortune in their new ages. By giving people the birthday wishes, it helps them to be more excited in their new ages.

Example of Birthday Wishes in Indonesian

Here are some examples of birthday wishes in Indonesian.

The use of “semoga”

  • Semoga kamu semakin pintar, semakin rajin, dan sehat selalu. –I wish you will be smarter, more diligent, and may be always healthy.
  • Di ulang tahunmu ini semoga kamu menjadi orang yang berguna bagi sesama- in your birthday today I wish you can be a useful person for other people.
  • Selamat ulang tahun. Semoga kamu panjang umur dan sehat selalu – happy birthday. I wish you for a long life and may you always be healthy.
  • Selamat ulang tahun, teman. Semoga apa yang kamu inginkan dapat terwujud tahun ini. – happy bithday, buddy. I wish for whatever you want can be granted this year.
  • Semoga apa yang kamu cita-citakan dapat terwujud di hari ulang tahunmu ini. – I wish for your intentions can be granted in your birthday today.
  • Semoga di hari ulang tahunmu ini, kamu dapat berjuang untuk mewujudkan harapanmu. – I wish in your birthday now, you can struggle to grant your wish. 

The use of “harap” or “harapan”

  • Selamat ulang tahun. Aku harap yang terbaik untukmu- happy birthday. I wish you all the best.
  • Aku harap kamu bisa semakin berbahagia di umurmu yang bertambah ini. – I wish you will be happier in your new age.
  • Aku harap, kamu dapat menjadi kebanggan bagi orang tuamu di hari yang spesial untukmu ini. – i wish, you can be your parent’s proud in this special day for you.
  • Apapun harapan kamu di hari ulang tahunmu ini, semoga dapat terwujud nanti. – whatever your wish in your birthday today, I wish it would be granted later.
  • Aku harap kamu bisa lebih sukses di tahun ini. – I hope you can be more successful this year.
  • Semua harapanmu akan terwujud jika kamu berusaha. Selamat ulang tahun! – all of your wishes will come true if you try harder. Happy birthday! 

The use of “mudah-mudahan”

  • Mudah-mudahan kamu diberi umur panjang, sehat selalu, dan semakin berbahagia.- I wish you will have long life, always healthy, and be happier.
  • Mudah- mudahan semua harapan kamu di ulang tahunmu ini bisa terwujud. Amin- I wish for all of your wishes in your birthday can be granted. Amen
  • Selamat ulang tahun. Usiamu semakin bertambah, mudah-mudahan semua harapanmu dapat terwujud. – happy birthday. Your age is getting older, I wish all of your wishes can comes true.
  • Mudah-mudahan kamu semakin disayang oleh semua orang, terutama keluarga dan teman-temanmu. – I wish you will be more loved by everyone, especially family and friends of yours.
  • Semakin bertambah usiamu, mudah-mudahan keinginanmu semuanya dapat kamu wujudkan. – the older you are, I wish all of your wishes can come true.
  • Satu tahun lagi bertambah dalam kehidupanmu. Mudah-mudahan kamu semakin siap untuk menyelesaikan permasalahanmu. –  One more year is added in your life. I wish you can be more ready to solve all of your problems.

Those are some examples of best birthday wishes in Indonesian. You can use the sentences above to someone who is celebrating their birthday. Remember to give them the good fortune. See you!