Buset Meaning in Indonesian – Betawinese Slank – Examples

“Buset” is a slang in Indonesia. This word is used mostly between young people, especially in big cities and social media. This word is believed come from Betawi people in Jakarta.

As television shows use this word a lot, this word started to spread to all over Indonesia. Read explanation below to know more about buset meaning in Indonesia.

Buset Meaning in Indonesian

The word “buset” nowadays is said mostly when people feel surprised. It used to be similar with curse word, but less rude. Now, people say this word a lot and again this word become less rude.

People use this word for many purposes. For example when they hearing or seeing almost impossible things, when surprised, when amazed or astonished, etc.

In English, I try to make it sure, the meaning of “buset” is equally to “Oh crap, oh f#ck, oh sh#t”

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A Theory About “Buset” History

If you read some articles and asking several elders, there is one popular theory about “buset” history. It is said that buset is actually a person’s name, “Abu Said”. Abu Said was a very smart and good at magic especially to heal people. He can heal people easily from every kind of disease.

As a result, people also believe if they say “Abu Said” they will be instantly recover from any kind of diseases and sickness. When they fall, they say “abu said” while hoping that the pain will soon go away. This word is too long to be said as an exclamation, so the word is always changing, until nowadays it became “buset”.

People used to believe that saying this word is very forbidden because it means that people believe in superstition. Superstition is one of the sign of not believing the God, they said. Several parents also forbid their children to say this word because it is too rude. However nowadays the meaning and use of this word is changing and it become less rude.

How to Pronounce Buset in Indonesian

Similar with other Indonesian words, the word “buset” is pronounced similar with the way it written. “Bu” in “buset” is pronounced similar with “bu” in “bull.” While “set” in “buset” is pronounced similar with “set” in English.

Several Examples of Using word Buset in Indonesian

Below are several examples on using the word “buset” in Indonesian daily conversational sentences:

  • A: “Buset, cuacanya panas banget.”

“Hell! The weather is too hot today.”

  • A: Kemarin gue jatuh dari motor.

Yesterday I fell from the motorbike.

B: Buset. Kok bisa?

Gosh! How come?  

Another Ways to say Buset in Indonesian (slang words)

There are several another ways to say the word “buset” in Indonesia. Usually it developed in chatting applications or social medias.

People change the word a little bit to make it seems cuter or to emphasize the meaning. If you find these words in Indonesia, they have the same meaning with “buset”. Below are the list of the words:



Et dah

Et deh


  • Bujug

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That’s all about buset meaning in Indonesian. Thank you for reading.