How to Say Wait In Indonesian – Defination – Examples

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If we learn every language from the whole universe, ask something like waiting is normally using, so does Indonesia. There is little bit different between learn Bahasa Indonesia and English.

One of the highlight is of course the etiquette. Well ‘wait’ in Indonesian translated with ‘tunggu’ and usually used for ask someone to be waiting for a moment.

Wait = Tunggu

Basic ways to say wait

  • There is something trouble and you need to wait a moment and the repair process is running.
  • There is something which inappropriate on your face and someone who are talking with you ask you to wait to cut off the conversation and he/she tries to put it off.

As mentioned before that ‘wait’ used because there is something wrong to a system. By some examples below will make you got the point of the basic ways to say wait that usually used by Indonesian.

  • Tunggu, sedang ada perbaikan (Wait please, there is some repair process).
  • Tunggu, ada bulu mata jatuh di pipimu (Wait, there is some falls eyelashes on your cheeks).

Basically in formal occasion, Indonesia uses ‘tunggu’ to talking with people both of younger or older than him. For younger people, it used for the people who doesn’t really close. Basically some words added in front of the words to make it more polite.

That’s word usually ‘mohon’ which is means ‘please’ in English. Some examples may make you clearer.

  • Uangnya sudah saya kirim, mohon ditunggu, Bu. (The money has been transferred. Please be waiting for it, Miss).
  • Saya sudah di jalan, mohon tunggu. (I am on the way, please waiting for me)

And for informal occasion which usually use for close friend, Indonesian usually use ‘bentar’ which is a short of ‘sebentar’. ‘Sebentar’ also means ‘wait a moment’ but it is like slang which using informally. To make you clearer, here is some ways of using ‘sebentar’ in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Sebentar, saya makan dulu (Wait a moment, I would like to eat)
  • Bentar, aku cuci tangan dulu (Wait a moment, i’d like to wash my hands) 

Other phrase of ‘Sebentar’

Actually in Bahasa Indonesia, the word ‘sedikit’ also uses for sarcastic figure which really quip someone. This sarcastic figure usually to quip someone which too much suck and stimulate the anger of some people. It also uses for quip someone as jealous expression over something. It is usually using repetitive words which not available on English but really familiar in Bahasa Indonesia. Here are some examples that hopefully make you more understand.

  • Sebentar-sebentar ngomongin dia. Ga ada topik lain apa? (Why you always talked about her? Not another topic, huh?).
  • Sebentar-sebentar rindu. Lemah sekali. (You really easy to missed him. How lousy you are).

To say wait in Bahasa Indonesia literally translated as ‘tunggu’. The most important thing when you using word in Indonesian, just make sure the right pronounce and looking with whom you talk to.

Using formal sentences would more safe than informal words besides you already close with your opposite communication. Basically learning Bahasa Indonesia is not that difficult and by using Indonesian pronunciation guide will helps you a lot. Keep spirit to being an expert in Bahasa Indonesia.