Can I Have The Bill Please in Indonesian Language – Conversation and Examples

If you go to Indonesia, the trip will not feel perfect if you don’t try Indonesian traditional food. Lots of food at Indonesian restaurants that have unique taste are too delicious to miss. To eat at Indonesian restaurants, it would be nice if you learn to speak with the restaurant waiters using bahasa Indonesia. One important thing in restaurants is the way to ask for bills in bahasa Indonesia. Also learn more about How to Order Food in Restaurant in Indonesian Language

We usually say “can I have the bill please” in English. Direct translation for the sentence is as follows:

  • Can = bisa / dapat / boleh
  • I = saya
  • Have = memiliki
  • Bill = tagihan / nota / bon
  • Please = tolong (used for polite request)

However, a more precise translation of the sentence is “Bolehkah saya minta tagihannya (notanya/bonnya)?” This sentence is actually correct and can be understood by Indonesians, but the impression it give is too formal and rigid. It rarely used in daily conversation. Indonesian people usually use language that is not too formal for daily conversation and eliminate one sentence structure. This is actually still quite polite and understandable. For example is by eliminating the subject of the sentence become “Boleh minta tagihannya (notanya/bonnya)?”

In addition, Indonesians also usually do not say “tagihan”, but instead use the words  “nota”, “bon”, or “bill”, so the sentence become “Boleh minta notanya?” or “Boleh minta bill-nya?” or “Boleh minta bonnya?”

How to pay the food after eating at restaurants in Indonesia is various depending on where you eat. When eating in a large restaurant, usually the payment is using a bill. However, if you eat the street foods or in a small shop called “warung”, you can usually pay directly without a bill. Also learn more about How to Ask ‘How Much’ in Indonesian

After finished eating in the restaurant, you can call the waiter to come to your table. “can I have the bill please in Indonesian Language,” calling the waiter cab be done by waving your hand to them. You can also call them using the term “mas” if he is a boy or “mbak” if she is a girl. After that you can directly ask:

  • Mas/Mbak, boleh minta bonnya?
  • Bisa minta bill-nya?
  • Boleh saya minta notanya?

There are various versions you can choose, just use the one you are most comfortable. After you get the bill, also don’t forget to express your gratitude:

  • Formal : Terima kasih ya, Mas/Mbak.
  • Informal : Makasih ya Mas/Mbak.

Although the second version is informal, it is more widely used for daily life and is considered polite enough. Also learn more about Indonesian and English Conversation at the Market

As stated before, if you eat the street foods or in a small shop called “warung”, you can usually pay directly without a bill. You can ask directly to the waiter or cashier how much you should pay and then directly pay the amount. Below are formal ways to ask the price:

  • Berapa harga yang harus dibayar Mas/Mbak?
  • Berapa harganya, Mas/Mbak?

In daily use, Indonesians usually say the short version of can I have the bill please in Indonesian Language:

  • Berapa Mas/Mbak? (How much, mam?) 

You can practice how to say “can I have the bill please” in Indonesian while eating delicious food in Indonesia. That is the most fun way to learn because you will get double benefit. Be confident because mostly they will understand even if you make some mistakes. Also learn more about How to Say “No Problem” in Indonesia