How to Say Thank You in Bahasa Indonesia

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How to Say Thank You in Bahasa Indonesia  

To ensure you have a healthy positive relationship with people around you, it’s always good to say thank you sincerely and regularly. Thank you is a very useful phrase even in events as simple as getting off your taxi or getting your order made in a restaurant. So, let’s learn how to say thank you in Bahasa Indonesia!

1. Thank you – Terima kasih.

Like in any other language, terima kasih is a magic word that you surely need to remember to use in any appropriate time possible. If you are still struggling to remember longer thank you phrases, just keep in mind these two simple words!

2. Thanks a lot – Terima kasih banyak.

If someone does a great favor for you or you want to express a greater sense of gratitude, you may add ‘banyak’ after the phrase ‘terima kasih’.

3. That’s very kind of you – Anda baik sekali

This is a phrase you can add after saying terima kasih if someone does an extra mile to help you out with something.

4. Thanks for your kind words. – Terima kasih untuk kata-kata baik Anda.

If someone compliments you, or gives you useful advice, or encourages you in a particular problem you’re facing, this might be the phrase you’re looking to use.

5. Thank you for coming. – Terima kasih sudah datang.

Are you having a party, dinner, or any special event where you invite people over? This will be the phrase you’ll want to use to thank them for sparing some time to make it to your event.

6. Thank you for your consideration. – Terima kasih atas pertimbangan Anda.

This is a formal and more serious way of thanking someone. This phrase is especially important when you apply for a job in Indonesia and you want to thank the job offerer for considering you. 

7. Thank you for spending time with us. – Terima kasih sudah meluangkan waktu dengan kami.

Do you have a tour guide or Indonesian friend showing you around town, bringing you to best tourism spots in Indonesia and so on? This might be the phrase you’re looking for to thank them.

8. Thank you for the gift. – Terima kasih untuk hadiahnya.

Who doesn’t love surprise gifts? One of these days you might accept an unexpected gift from a close fellow. Don’t forget to thank them using this simple phrase.

9. I have learned a lot thanks to you. – Saya telah belajar banyak berkat Anda.

Getting better in Indonesian language thanks to a friend? This is the perfect phrase to say to them for teaching and guiding you in learning. That’s all ways on how to say thank you in Bahasa Indonesia.

So the next time someone does a favor for you no matter how big or small, make sure to use these phrases!

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