How to Say “No Problem” in Indonesia – Phrases and Examples

At the point when in Indonesia, you will not be amazed when somebody abruptly say “Sorry to learn you, however…,” “I apologize previously for… ,” or “Please pardon me if there is anything incorrectly… “.

Sounds natural? At the point when Indonesian individuals compose letters, messages, talks, or anything of the sort, it is nearly ensured that there will be something like one expression of remorse included notwithstanding when there’s literally nothing to be sad for. Indeed, numerous individuals begin their letters or messages by apologizing for ‘irritating’ the planned beneficiary, as though it is a misstep to send them letters.

For what reason is this so? Advocates say that this propensity to apologize already reflects Indonesian consideration and particularly the mild-mannered nature of Sundanese and Javanese individuals.

This sentiment absolutely has some reality in it. Individuals who have lived or been in Java previously, particularly in the more conventional towns, will find that local people additionally pepper their day by day discussion with “sorry” and “pardon me”. Maybe this propensity is carried on to composed types of correspondence, notwithstanding when the beneficiaries are not used to the correspondence style.

Others say that apologizing mirrors Indonesians’ ability of perceiving that other individuals’ opportunity and vitality is profitable and can be put resources into some other movement. Particularly when Indonesians send letters asking for help from somebody, a conciliatory sentiment is ‘required’ since this could push the sender to carefully keep the beneficiary from accomplishing something unique.

Be that as it may, skeptical individuals say that the propensity to apologize just demonstrates Indonesians’ low confidence and certainty. Apologizing, particularly in correspondence to individuals from different nations, is viewed as a type of affirmation from the essayist that he really has no privilege to exasperate someone with his letters. Apologizing in advance for something likewise uncovers that the outlook of Indonesian individuals naturally expect that there is something incorrectly in their words or activities. At the end of the day, it sells out an absence of self-assurance.

Throughout everyday life, it is typical to commit an error. Particularly, it happens when you find out about dialect. Asking a statement of regret is the simplest route for your mix-up reasonable. This is the reason you should know how to state sorry in Indonesian.

In Indonesian dialect, “too bad” = “maaf”.

This word is one of a kind. For Indonesian individuals, this word has numerous structures. This word additionally utilized in numerous circumstance. There are more to learn, such as: How to Apologize in Indonesian

More Phrases to Say Sorry in Indonesian

This is more expressions to state sorry in Indonesian.

  • “Saya minta maaf” (I’m sorry). In english, “minta” = “inquire”. The guideline is to ask a sorry or absolution. That is the reason you have to accentuates that you asking it. In this expressions, you can supplant “saya” with “aku”, since the two words is first individual particular pronoun in Indonesian. The expressions move toward becoming “aku minta maaf”. This is close to home pronoun variety.
  • “Saya sungguh-sungguh minta maaf” (I’m extremely sorry). Or on the other hand, some of the time “sungguh-sungguh” supplant by “bener-bener”. The expression progress toward becoming “Saya bener-bener minta maaf”. You can utilize this expressions in the event that you need to demonstrate your reality or truthfulness.
  • “Saya mohon maaf” (I’m sorry). This is the other method to demonstrate your genuineness. “Mohon” is actually a similar word of “minta”. Overall, this sentence means that a person is asking forgiveness.
  • “Maaf” (Sorry). Every single past expression is formal utilization of too bad. This short form for the most part use for casual event.

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More Situation to Say Sorry in Indonesian

Presently, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to find in some circumstance on the most proficient method to state sorry in Indonesian.

  1. When you commit any error. Model: “Saya minta maaf bila saya salah” (I’m sad in case I’m off-base).
  2. When you can’t satisfy a demand. Model: “Saya bener-bener minta maaf, Dika. Saya tidak bisa datang” (I’m extremely sad, Dika. I can’t come)
  3. When you need to ask amenably. Model: “Mohon maaf, apakah ini mobil anda?” (Sorry, is this your car?)
  4. When you have to intrude on any discussion. Model: “Maaf, saya menyela. Dimana kita letakkan gambar ini?” (Sorry, I’m intruding. Where do we put this photo?)
  5. When you need to leave a discussion. Precedent: “Aduh, minta maaf ya, saya harus pulang sekarang” (Sorry, I have to go home at this point). There are more to learn, such as: Ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills

Try not to falter to state too bad! This is one of the insight you have to hold when you associate with Indonesian individuals. You demonstrate your plan to settle any blunder when you say things too bad. Individuals will give their regard to you and now and again will assist you with your concern.

Saying “No Problem” in Indonesia

However, an unintended apology without any clear reason can make both parties uncomfortable. In this case, you can release them from guilt by saying these things.

  • “Tidak apa-apa”, which means “No Problem”.
  • “Jangan khawatir”, which means “Don’t worry”.
  • “Tidak masalah,” which literally means “No Problem.”
  • “Bukan salahmu,” which means “Not your fault.”

Practice your tone and motion so you fell agreeable on the best way to state sorry in Indonesian. Expectation this encourages you acing Bahasa. There are more to learn, such as: Indonesian Grammar Rules