Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The First Step

So, learning language is actually not as easy as flipping hands. It takes pretty long time, but if y’all know the tricks, it’ll be easy as ABC.  At this time, I’m not gonna explain all the steps. But I’m gonna explain each step on each day. Because I know if I show you all the steps, you’re just gonna say “oh, okay” then just skip it.

Even though you try to memorize it, but your brain will think that it’s not important. If I do it one by one, you will get curious and your brain will focus on it. Here are we will tell you about easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners.

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Today, I’m gonna show a very first step of learning a new language. And, I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna make it easier. But first, don’t force yourself. I mean, you need to do it by the willing of your heart, don’t do it just because you need to do it! It will ruin your brain, and you will get tired of it soon. Just make it informal at first. The informal learning can help you to love the new language, especially bahasa Indonesia. So, the very first step is~

Try To Find A Movie, Music, or Be A Fangirl of an artist in Indonesia

This is the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners. I know, it sounds weird. But trust me, you will make it. So, why you need to do it? Why?! Why?! Come on! Find a thing that can make you fall in love to the language. Hallo? I mean, try to find a motivation first! That’s why I told u to watch an Indonesian movie, listen to Indonesian song, or even be a fangirl.

Your brain will work faster with it, that’s why! Also, it can be a good thing. Sometimes, they use daily/informal style of Bahasa Indonesia. For example,

  • Lo mau kemana? : Where are you going? (Slang for “Kamu” is “Lo”)
  • Cabut yuk! : Let’s go (“Cabut” here is also can be “go”)
  • Cewek Cabe-Cabean : *sorry* A bitch (“Cabe” here have a meaning of “a hot bad girl”)

It can help you too. You will know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia for daily life, a lot of slang or even curse words. When you learn a new language, the first thing that you need to know is some curse words. I know,wait. Chill. I mean, if someone cursed you, you will know what’s that mean and you will not just stay and smiling like a stupid person, right? 

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That’s it about the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners! That’s all that can show in this article. Just make sure that you do the first step before you go to the next step tomorrow. Okay? Learning language is not bad at all. You can learn anything new. But, do it with your heart, okay with your brain too. it’s 40% heart and 60% brain. Okay? See ya!