Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner: The Last Step

Hi, I’m back again! I know, it’s fast, doing the third step might takes a lot of time, keep moving. I’m gonna explain about the last step! Finally! Yes! It’s just 4 steps! It’s easy, right? And, for the last step, it may sounds crazy, but it’s a fun challenge too. Why? Just pack all […]

Fastest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The Third Step

Okay, today~ we’re gonna talk about the third step of the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I hope you have tried to do the first, and the second steps. On this third step you’re gonna practice a lot, why? Before, you better install some global social media apps. Because you’re gonna need them. You […]

Fun Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The Second Step

Okay, so today we’re gonna move to the second step. Did you already do the first step? Well, I hope you did, cause it will be hard to move on to the next step if you still left behind. Yeah, it will make your heart wants to scream “Hey! Wait!”, right? Okay. I hope you […]

Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The First Step

So, learning language is actually not as easy as flipping hands. It takes pretty long time, but if y’all know the tricks, it’ll be easy as ABC.  At this time, I’m not gonna explain all the steps. But I’m gonna explain each step on each day. Because I know if I show you all the […]

How to Say Condolences in Indonesian – Expression and Meaning

Hi, guys. I’m back again! We’re gonna learn something new again today? What is it about? So, today we’re gonna learn about how to say condolences or express your sympathy to someone’s sadness. It’s actually the same with English, but there something that make it more polite. It’s normal, in Indonesia we need to be […]

How to Say Colours in Indonesian Language – Example and Meaning

Holla Fellas! How ya doin’? Good, I know. LOL! Okay, there is a new lesson today. We’re gonna learn about colors in Bahasa Indonesia. So, it’s the same as English, actually. And, a lots of colors too. but, we’re just gonna learn the common colors in Bahasa Indonesia. We’re gonna start from rainbow, *LOL! I […]