Is Indonesian Useful to Learn? Here’s The 3 Facts to Know!

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In this time we will talk about something new that is quite different topic among the previous ones. Yes we want to discuss whether Indonesian is useful or not to be learned.

As the learner of Bahasa Indonesia, what do you think about this language ? Is it worth enough ? Then, without wasting more time, let’s talk about why is Indonesian useful to be learned. Check this following explanation.

Indonesian is included in the language unit of Austronesian, besides Tagalog, Māori, Samoan and many others. In other way, Indonesian seems being adapted from Malay that nowadays has become the part of many languages and dialects in Southeast Asia. For your little information, the Old Malay was a way for communication among the traders in Indonesia Archipelago.

Indonesian is a general mother’s tongue for the civilization in Indonesia. Tbis country also becomes the one and only place where Indonesian is obviously used as the national language. Indonesian is used in many circumstanses, especially formal conversation and event.

Once in a time, Indonesian had been used in other country besides Indonesia. It was Timor leste which previously joined in the territory of Indonesia. So that, Indonesia was used there. But then, Indonesian use had no more been in this country since its independence. Instead of Indonesian, Timor Leste use Portuguese as the common language in daily life.

Despite the fact is Indonesian use only exist in a country, but actually Indonesian has been taught as a foreign language in many countries. So that no doubt of a result of census in 2010 that showed there were about 23 million native speakers who can have conversation with Indonesian fluently. Moreover, it’s assumed approximately 156 million people who use Indonesian as the second language. Also read: Benefits of Studying Indonesian for Foreign

After all, is Indonesian useful to learn? So that, this is the reason to let you know how and why actually Indonesian becoming useful to be learned.

1. Indonesian is an identity

Of course Indonesian is one of identity that is so important as the national language in Indonesia. Indonesian is indigenous and national language for the one and only country-Indonesia. No matter that there are so many culture in this country, but Indonesian can unite all kinds of the indigenous people as an intact and strong nation.

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2. Help you to communicate with the local people

In Indonesia, there are so many place that you need to visit. You have to enjoy your life beyond the busy work in daily life. Meanwhile, you have to remember that you only live once. So that, holiday is a must in any spare time you can have, even there is not much time for it.

Indonesia can be the alternative option country that you should visit. Besides so many beautiful places here, your stay here along holiday doesn’t need much money to be spent. Yes, surely many things here is literally cheap. In addition, the currency exchange into rupiah also helps you to have anything related your stay in Indonesia isn’t expensive. 

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3. Make you able to learn more in Indonesia

There are many thing that you should learn in Indonesia. Either it is about the culture, lifestyle, economy, and so on. Indonesia can also be the best place where many research can possibly done here. Whether to do research about health, animal, and many other things. Especially Indonesia is a tropical country that becomes a great ecosystem for many creatures.

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Because of fulfilling the desire about knowing things through research, first you should have learned Indonesian before. Indonesian is so useful to help you do the research until it is finished. It is as useful as a way to communicate with the local people to get the data that you need to know.

So, is Indonesian useful to learn? That’s all explanation. See you in next chapter!