How Do You Say Thank You Very Much in Balinese? Phrase and Definition

Om Swastiastu.

Indonesia is a large country that consists of many island. Because of this, Indonesia has many people that speak in different traditional language. Several of the languages are similar with the other. We will discuss about traditional language in Bali, Balinese.

On this article, we will discuss about how do you say thank you very much in Balinese. Bali is a beautiful island where many people from around the world want to come and enjoy a wonderful trip there. The natives are already used to meet people from many countries.

As English is an international language, people mostly communicate using English. This made the natives are mostly able to speak and interact using English with international tourists. However, do you also interested in speaking with Balinese people using their language? You don’t have to speak Balinese all the time and took long time to learn. Learning and saying this phrase is enough to make the native people happy.

Thank you very much is a phrase that we used often, especially during holiday in a faraway place because we are not familiar with the place and need helps from many people. There are many other useful phrases such as that you can check here. In this article, we specially discuss about how to say thank you very much in Balinese.

In you notice, Balinese and Javanese actually have several same or similar words. This is because both of the traditional language came from same root. Usually, the words different in pronunciation. In Javanese, you will say matur nuwun to express gratitude. In Balinese, it is not too different. Bali people say “matur suksma” that have same meaning with thank you very much.

If you are close enough with the person you are talking to, you can say it as only “suksma” that has the same meaning with thanks or thank you. Saying it as “matur suksma” make the phrase more formal and polite.

After you say “thank you”, commonly the other person will reply with “you’re welcome.” In Balinese, matur suksma will be replied by “suksma mewali” that have the equal meaning with “you’re welcome”, or shortened become only “mewali”.

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Below is the example of saying thank you very much in Balinese:

A : Matur suksma. (Thank You 

B : Suksma mewali.

More informal conversation is as below

A : Suksma.

B : Mewali.

Foreign people usually have difficulty in pronouncing Indonesian traditional language. There are several ways of pronouncing it, you can choose which one you prefer or which one is easier for you.

  • Suksma pronounced as “suks-ma” or “suks-me”
  • Suksma pronounced as “suk-se-me” or”suk-se-ma”

That’s all about how do you say thank you very much in Balinese. I hope you will enjoy your time well in Bali. Thank you for reading.

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