How to Say Please and Thank You in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Basically, please and thank you are words that represent manner and etiquette when we communicate with others. Bahasa Indonesia does care about this words and Indonesian using these words commonly. As we know please and thank you are words which usually use to offer something and thanked something. The function of these word are pretty […]

How Do You Say You Are Welcome in Balinese – Phrase and Pronunciation

Learning about other foreign language is always very interesting. Especially if you have a plan to come to the country. In Indonesia, one of the most famous tourist destination among international travelers is Bali Island. Bali island is a small island near Java island that surrounded by beautiful beach. Bali is also have mount Agung […]

How Do You Say Thank You Very Much in Balinese? Phrase and Definition

Om Swastiastu. Indonesia is a large country that consists of many island. Because of this, Indonesia has many people that speak in different traditional language. Several of the languages are similar with the other. We will discuss about traditional language in Bali, Balinese. On this article, we will discuss about how do you say thank […]

How to Say You’re Welcome in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

You have learned how to say thank you in Indonesian. You can read it again if you want to refresh your memory. After saying thank you, the other person will say you’re welcome in English. What will happen if you are getting the opposite role? You have to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. There are […]

How to Say Thank You in Indonesian Slang Like A Pro

Hi! Welcome back! Have you ever not understand a conversation because the people in it using slang words that you don’t know? How’s that feel? Slang words is part of every language in the world. Yes, you have known about Javanese Slang Words. Now, let’s move to more practical lesson about ‘thank you’. It is […]

How to say “No, Thank you” in Bahasa Indonesia

When someone offers us help or the other kindness, we should thank to him/her (even for me, it is a must). In English, to show our gratitude, we can say : Thank you Thanks I am all gratitude You have my gratitude. All of the ways above to appreciate the kindness is as simply as […]