How to Say “I Don’t Speak Indonesian” in Indonesian – Examples – Phrase

I’m sure you already know several useful Indonesian phrases. However, if you still have difficulty in understanding Indonesian, you still have to say it and use the international language. If you are not confident enough yet, you can say that you don’t speak Indonesian and that is okay.

Learn from explanation below to know how to say I don’t speak Indonesian in Indonesian.

“I don’t speak Indonesian” phrase is said when you want the other person not to use Indonesian. The literal translation for I don’t speak Indonesian is “saya/aku tidak bisa berbicara dengan bahasa Indonesia”. Or, if it is still too long, you can say it as “saya/aku tidak berbahasa Indonesia”. Both of the phrases have the same meaning. In addition, both of the phrases are polite enough to be used in formal situation. So, don’t be doubtful to say it to people.

For your information, Indonesian people usually don’t talk as formal as the sentence above. When talking with friends around same age, they usually use informal language. The informal language is usually shorter and use another informal words. For example, they use “aku” more than “saya”. “Tidak” is also not very common. They usually use less formal word “nggak” or “gak”. Berbicara is also usually replaced by “ngomong”.

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Below are several ways to say I don’t speak Indonesian in Indonesian informal ways:

  • Aku nggak bisa ngomong bahasa Indonesia.
  • Aku gak bisa ngomong bahasa Indonesia
  • Aku nggak bisa ngomong Indonesia
  • Aku gak bisa ngomong Indonesia
  • Aku nggak bisa bahasa Indonesia
  • Aku gak bisa bahasa Indonesia 

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There are still more other ways to express that you can’t really spek in Indonesian. Below are several alternatives that you can use:

  • Aku nggak mengerti bahasa Indonesia (I don’t understand Indonesian)
  • Aku gak ngerti bahasa Indonesia (I don’t understand Indonesian)

If you want to be more polite, you can add word “sorry” or “maaf”

  • Maaf, saya tidak bisa bahasa Indonesia (Sorry, I can’t speak Indonesian)
  • Maaf, aku nggak bisa bahasa Indonesia (Sorry, I can’t speak Indonesian)

That’s all about how to say I don’t speak Indonesian in Indonesian. I hope the information will be helpful for you. I hope you don’t have to use this phrase often because you will soon be able to understand and speak in Indonesian. Read this several useful Indonesian sentences to start your Indonesian study. Thank you for reading.