How Many People Speak Indonesia and Where It Is Spoken?

Language becomes one of the important communication tools wherever people go. If people decide to come to a country, they tend to learn to speak the language at least how to introduce themselves to the new people in that country. Thus, there must be many people who want to learn new language in order to have the ability to communicate themselves to others.

If you decide to visit a new country, especially Indonesia, then you must try to learn this language which has the unique characteristics of blending words from some countries, such as Malay or Dutch.

As people know that Indonesia was colonialized by Netherland, Japan, and become shared partner of Malay tribes. Learning Indonesia is as important as people have to know how many people speak Indonesia and where it is spoken. You may also read about: Why do Indonesian (people) Refer to Indonesian (language) as Bahasa Which Literally Means (Language) in English?

  • How many people speak Indonesia

If we may count how many people speak Indonesia in this world, it can be said for about more than 260 million people speak Indonesia and or make Indonesian language as their second language after they speak their mother tongue.

For example, people of Indonesia who come from some tribes must have their own languages, and they will speak Indonesia in order to have the same ideas of communication. You may also learn about: The Causes of Difficulty in Learning Indonesia Language for Foreign Learners

Approximately, 260 million people speak Indonesia which is spread into some regions in Indonesia and outside Indonesia, but the regions are still inside Southeast Asia. 23 million people speak Indonesia in Indonesia according to 2010’s census and 156 million people speak Indonesia as the second language after their tribe languages. Thus, the rest of the total for the people who speak Indonesia is the people who come to Indonesia and learn the language.

However, not many people can speak Indonesia fluently regarding of lots of tribe languages in Indonesia. More than 700 languages from all regions in Indonesia which make the language are hardly speaking in daily activities.

Because of the blending and the learning of other languages, Indonesian language can’t be spoken actively, unless people are in the formal situation and most people think that talking in Indonesia fluently as same as talking in formal way. You may also learn about: Indonesian Greeting Customs

  • The regions of people who speak Indonesian Language

After knowing the total of people who speak Indonesia, the people are spread in some regions. Mostly, the people who speak Indonesia are in Indonesia, and the rest are spread in the regions in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand, mostly spoken in Malaysia, if the language is spoken outside Indonesia.

This language is also spoken in Timor Leste. Indonesian language is also spoken in regions which has lots of Indonesian people such as Netherland and Australia. 

Australia is also the country which make Indonesian language as the lecture to be learnt by the students and the experts. The Australian who wants to learn to speak Indonesia, will be introduced by the culture of Indonesian people, too. The language is learnt by Australian because the language has unique blending from some countries, and the variety of Indonesian cultures as well.

Now, we have known how many people speak Indonesian and where it is spoken. Are you interested in learning this language?

  • Introduction in Indonesian Language
  1. Halo, apa kabar? Selamat Siang… (Hello, how are you? Good afternoon!)
  2. Selamat Siang, kabar baik, bolehkah saya tahu nama anda? (Good afternoon! I am fine, may I know your name?)
  3. Ya, boleh! Nama saya Sinta, kalau anda? (Yes, sure! My name is Sinta, how about you?)
  4. Nama saya Gatot. Terima kasih! Senang bertemu anda! (My name is Gatot. Thank you ! Nice to meet you!)