The Causes of Difficulty in Learning Indonesia Language for Foreign Learners

Indonesian language learned at school or other courses. All the materials which are taught to maximize the ability to read, write, hear and speak Indonesian is sufficient to be taught in schools and in Indonesian language courses. But sometimes, those are not too comprehensive for Indonesian language learners, especially foreigners who learn Indonesian. Some causes of difficulty in learning Indonesia Language for foreign learners as follows:

  1. Standard language is less popular than non-standard / slang language

The Indonesian language which is used as the uniting of the Indonesian nation has encompassed all aspects of life. Along with the development of the times, Indonesian language has been experienced for many variations such as the emergence of slang in everyday life.

This slang language is very popular to do every day because it is easier and massif used. This slang language is widespread not only in day-to-day interactions but also in the media,  both the online and offline. For foreign speakers, it will be difficult to distinguish between slang and standard language because more dominant slang is used, it can also lead to misperceptions about the use of Indonesian for foreign speakers.

Unlike English because what English is learned, that is what is practiced. This means that there is a similarity between what is learned and what is practiced. While what Indonesian is learned is slightly different from that used in everyday life by using slang language.

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  1. Less comprehension toward definition

Indonesian language which contains definition is sometimes less comprehended because it assumes that definition does not need to be studied because it is easy to understand. That is what causes a lot of misperception because it creates confusion in thinking and understanding a context of the word.

Even if asked more deeply, they will be difficult faced with the ambiguity because the understanding of the definition in certain word that is still superficial. When faced with the word homonym, homophon, homograph, the learner will find it difficult to understand words that contain all three or one of those definitions.

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  1. Low sentence structure mastery

Sentences are formed from words, words from letters. Furthermore, it develops into a paragraph and becomes a text. Demand for sentence elements (SPOK) is sometimes still poorly understood so as to cause irregularities if read or vented

The sentence structure must also be well understood because it influences the rules of using the standard Indonesian language. Standard language will be easier to understand for foreign speakers. Moreover, Indonesian has a sentence structure that is not too complex to learn when compared to other foreign languages.


Ani makan buah di rumah

S      P          O          K

4. Dynamics and language changes

Life that undergoes to change, language will also change along with the times. Since the era of “sumpah pemuda” and until now Indonesian has undergone a change from the old spelling to the new and standard spelling.

Every instructor of Indonesian language for foreign speakers is better to have a reference in the use of those language materials, and it would be good to insert material about the history of the Indonesian language from the old spelling to the present. So the understanding of the dynamics of language modification Indonesia is well comprehended for foreign learners.

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5. Lack of interest in learning Indonesian

The world embodies the flow of modernization and globalization, not only has an impact on one side but also many sides, especially Indonesian. The nation’s future generations are faced with a dilemma to explore Indonesian or foreign languages ​​as a global language.

This makes a lack of interest in learning Indonesian. but on the other hand, the government should be more vigorous to socialize Indonesian language not only in Indonesia but also in the country, so that Indonesian is more globalized and easily recognized and learned by foreigners. Thus, that’s the causes of difficulty in learning Indonesia Language for foreign learners, but here you can learn it better with us.