What Is the Meaning of Bego in Indonesia? Informal Language

Indonesian language has rich with its culture and different languages from each tribes. Despite its tribes, all different language from the tribes must have their features. Other than the formal and informal languages, Indonesian or the tribes’ languages must have the slang words or expressions which are usually used by the youth.

The slang words can come from the Indonesian language or the daily conversation or expression which Indonesian people speak. The slang words can be good or bad/dirty words which express the activity of the people. One of the words which come from Indonesian language is Bego.

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Bego word comes from the daily conversation of youth in Indonesia and it becomes one of the famous bad words in Indonesian language. So, what is the meaning of Bego in Indonesia?

  • The meaning of the Bego word

According to online Indonesian Language Big Dictionary (KBBI), Bego word has the meaning of sangat bodoh; tolol, or in English we called it as stupid, silly, or foolish.

Bego: stupid, silly, or foolish

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  • How and When to express and speak Bego word

This word is used to express someone who does the activity foolishly, or express the feeling of anger. This word also can be used as sarcasm when people want to tell innocent people. The word also can be used to express the foolish of ourselves if we think that we do the activities or the jobs far from what we expected.

The word Bego is not good for saying toward older people. It is not allowed to speak in front of little kids. This word is usually spoken among the teenagers or the older people to the younger whom the people has known quite a lot.

However, this word is not a formal form and it is not recommended to be used in daily conversation. This word sometimes comes up unexpectedly or from the people whom they think they are worth to say this word.

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After knowing what is the meaning of Bego in Indonesia here are the example of Bego usage. 

  • Example of the usage of the phrase and expressions:
Bego banget! Very stupid!
Jangan mau dibegoin! Don’t be easy to be foolish!
Dasar bego! What a stupid!
Bego atau (apa) bego? Are you that stupid? (Sarcasm to emphasizes someone’s foolish)
Jangan pura-pura bego! Don’t pretend to be stupid!
Berlagak bego (pretending to be foolish)
Kok, lo bego sih?! Why are you so stupid?
Pakai pura-pura bego lagi lo! How good to pretend to be stupid!
Lelaki itu memang bego. He really is stupid.
Kamu bego banget! You are so stupid!
Kok bego ya gue… Why am I stupid? (expression of own foolish)
Lo orangnya lurus apa gampang dibegoin? Are you that innocent or are you foolish? (expression for innocent people, showing that they have been foolish or they really are innocent people)
Kenapa dia memasang tampang bego? Why is he putting foolish face?
Suka bego ya orangnya! Are you used to be foolish?

Knowing what is the meaning of Bego in Indonesia means that you have the knowledge of this word and you are recommend to use the word wisely. Please not using this word if it is not necessary while talking to older people or among kids.