How to Make A Good Conversation Via Telephone in Indonesia

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When we learn Indonesian, it is very important for us to learn good and correct grammar, both when writing and speaking. Especially speaking, especially in communication, it is very important to realize that the role of communication cannot be dammed because we as social beings will always interact every day. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to communicate properly and correctly in accordance with existing language standards.

This time we will discuss the example and the good and right way of communicating with other people by telephone. It is important to realize that there are many Indonesians who underestimate the way they communicate via telephone because communicating by telephone is as important as communicating directly with people face to face.

How to Make A Good Conversation Via Telephone in Indonesia

Not infrequently, a conversation seems to have no essence, because many people think that communicating by telephone is something that is not too formal, even though the reality is not. See some examples of how to have the right telephone conversation.

The basic way to conduct conversations via telephone in Indonesian

  • Halo apa kabar Julia ? Bagaimana kabarmu hari ini ? Apakah baik-baik saja ? – (Hello, how are you Julia? How are you today ? Are you doing fine ?)
  • Hey Shinta, terimakasih atas kiriman paket yang kau berikan hari ini, aku sangat menyukainya. – (Hey Shinta, thank you for the package that you gave today, I like it very much.)
  • Permisi Pak Budi, bisakah saya berbicara dengan Romi sebentar ? –
    (Excuse me, Mr. Budi, can I talk to Romi for a minute ?)
  • Hei Natalie, apakah kau ada waktu luang hari ini ? Kalau iya, aku ingin mengajakmu jalan-jalan ke tempat wisata dekat daerah sini. – (Hey Natalie, are you free today? If yes, I want to take you for a trip to a tourist spot near here.)

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Actually, there are no fixed rules and how to make conversations with other people over the phone, but one thing that should be understood is, when we talk or have conversations with other people over the phone, make sure the language we speak is polite, talk must be clearly told, solid and directly to the point.

But the main problem is that there are many Indonesians who do not heed the ability to communicate like that, especially to the closest people. In fact, if we are accustomed to communicating like that, it is certain that we will always speak inappropriately according to the existing conversation standards, which are properly and correctly set. Which will eventually propagate to others, even those we don’t know.

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Here are some examples of good ‘conversations via telephone’ in Indonesian

This is an example of a telephone conversation with someone else :

  • Natalie : Halo selamat malam bu, saya Natalie, apakah saya bisa berbicara dengan Anna ? – (Hello, goodnight, Ma’am, I’m Natalie, can I talk to Anna ?)
  • Ibu (Mom) : Iya bisa Natalie, tunggu sebentar ya, ibu panggil Anna dulu. – (Yes Natalie, wait a minute, I will call Anna first.)
  • Natalie : Iya bu, terimakasih – (Yes ma’am, thank you)
  • Anna : Halo, ada perlu apa menelponku Natalie ? – (Hello, what’s the need to call me Natalie ?)
  • Natalie : Maaf bila aku mengganggumu Anna, aku hanya ingin menanyakan terkait tugas Bahasa Inggris yang diberikan oleh ibu guru, aku lupa pada halaman berapa saja bu guru memberikan tugas yang diminta untuk dikerjakan ? – (Sorry if I bother you Anna, I just want to ask about the English assignment given by the teacher, I forgot on what page did the teacher give the assignment that was asked to do ?)
  • Anna : Tidak apa-apa Natalie, jadi untuk tugas Bahasa Inggris yang diberikan oleh bu guru ada pada halaman 56-58 yang bab 2 dan bab 3 ya. –
  • (It’s okay Natalie, so for English assignments given by the teacher there are pages 56-58 in chapter 2 and chapter 3 okay.)  
  • Natalie : Oh baiklah, terimakasih ya sudah mau meluangkan waktumu untuk menjawab teleponku. Sampai jumpa besok ya Anna. – (Oh well, thank you for taking your time to answer my call. See you tomorrow, Anna.)
  • Anna : Sama-sama Natalie, tidak masalah kok, santai saja. Ya sampai bertemu besok. – (You’re welcome Natalie, it doesn’t matter, just relax. Yes, until you meet tomorrow)

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The above is an example of how you should have good and correct telephone conversations in accordance with existing language standards. It should be noted that in conducting telephone conversations, it must be considered very well that politeness is the main thing when we will communicate with other people, even more so for those we don’t know.

So, let’s try to get used to speaking early in Indonesian that is good and right even when we are going to have a conversation though. Have a good study!