Wisest Quotes about Indonesian Nature – Deep Meaning

Nature is arguably a thing that has become one with human life in general. On the other hand, nature and human life are interrelated and interdependent, among others. We humans definitely need nature to survive. All the things that we make, more or less come from the natural source of use. Nature that must be […]

Quotes from Indonesia First President That Will Change The Way You Think

Hello all? How are you today? Hopefully, your days are always pleasant as usual Have you all imagined what it’s like to be someone famous? Being known and admired by many people is definitely the dream of most Indonesians. But to become a famous and admired person there are so many kinds, ranging from artists, […]

How to Make A Good Conversation Via Telephone in Indonesia

How are you today? Hopefully, it’s always fun and beautiful as usual huh. When we learn Indonesian, it is very important for us to learn good and correct grammar, both when writing and speaking. Especially speaking, especially in communication, it is very important to realize that the role of communication cannot be dammed because we […]

How to Say Indonesia Rupiah – Examples – Pronunciation

Hello all? I hope your day is always great as usual Alright, today we will learn how to speak one of the languages ​​in Indonesia, namely how to expose the Indonesian currency. The pronunciation of the currency may seem simple and trivial, but if we do not pay attention to it in the utterance, it […]

How to Say See You Tomorrow in Indonesian – Definition and Examples

How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile. How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile. Today we will learn about one of the important conversations in Indonesian. This is one of the phrases ‘goodbyes’ in Indonesian that seems trivial, but if it is not considered properly […]