A-Z List of Indonesian Phrases – Vocabularies – Examples

Hello there, are you still excited how to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Now, we will learn some other list of Indonesian phrases. The previous lesson we already learn about the list of loanwords in Indonesian,  the list of cities in Indonesianthe list of English words from Indonesian origin and even how to say darling in Indonesian. Today we will learn on the list of Indonesian phrases. Let’s check the below of the table.

No.[/th] [th]Indonesian Phrases[/th] [th]Meaning

1.[/td] [td]Anda Berasal Dari Mana?[/td] [td]Where are you from?

2.[/td] [td]Apa Kabar?[/td] [td]How are you?

3.[/td] [td]Bagaimana Kabarmu?[/td] [td]How do you do?

4.[/td] [td]Hati-hati[/td] [td]Be careful

5.[/td] [td]Halo/Hai[/td] [td]Hello

6.[/td] [td]Lama Tidak Bertemu[/td] [td]Long time no see

7.[/td] [td]Maaf[/td] [td]Sorry

8.[/td] [td]Mohon Maaf[/td] [td]Pardon

9.[/td] [td]Permisi[/td] [td]Excuse me

10.[/td] [td]Salam Kenal[/td] [td] Nice to meet you

11.[/td] [td]Sampai Bertemu[/td] [td]See you soon

12.[/td] [td]Sampai Jumpa[/td] [td]Good bye

13.[/td] [td]Sampai Nanti[/td] [td]See you around

14.[/td] [td]Selamat Malam[/td] [td]Good night

15.[/td] [td]Selamat Pagi[/td] [td]Good morning

16.[/td] [td]Selamat Siang[/td] [td]Good afternoon/good day

17.[/td] [td]Selamat Sore[/td] [td]Good evening

18.[/td] [td]Siapa namamu? [/td] [td]Who is your name?

19.[/td] [td]Terima Kasih[/td] [td]Thank you

20.[/td] [td]Tolong[/td] [td]Please

Indonesian Greeting Phrases

This part will explain what are the Indonesian greeting phrases and how to use it in the daily activities. So, let’s check it out.

  1. Selamat Pagi (Good morning)|Greet Indonesian people in the morning with Selamat pagi. So, they also repeat greet you with Selamat pagi. Selamat pagi is a greeting for everyone in the morning. Please, try to say Selamat pagi when you want to greet the Indonesian people in the morning.
  2. Selamat Siang (Good afternoon/ Good day)Next, how to greet Indonesian people in the afternoon? Just say Selamat siang to greet Indonesian people while in the afternoon. How about the Good day, what is it mean in Indonesia? Good day in Indonesia means Selamat siang too, it is the same. The different is, how is the right time to say it. Good afternoon you can say it from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm. Besides, good day you can say it between 9.00 am to 11.00 am.
  3. Selamat Sore (Good evening)

    Selamat sore is an Indonesian greeting to say it in the evening. Just say Selamat sore if the time is up to 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. So, please do not be hesitate to say Selamat sore to Indonesian people here.
  4. Selamat Malam (Good night)When the right time to say good night to Indonesian people? Good night or Selamat malam, you could say it up to 7.00 p.m to 12.00 a.m. This greeting also says when someone wants to go to sleep. 

Indonesia Introduction Phrases

This part will explain what are the introduction phrases that you should know when you are in Indonesia. Well, let’s check these out.

  1. Halo, siapa namamu? (Hello, who is your name?)First, say hello (halo) or hi when you meet someone or you can say Assalamualaikum when you are a Muslim. So, then you can ask like who is your name or Siapa namamu? Siapa namamu is for asking someone name. In this way, you will know who is her or his name.
  2. Apa kabar? (How are you?)Apa kabar? It is one of the questions to ask how are you to the people that you want to ask. How to answer apa kabar? Just said; kabar saya baik (I am fine).
  3. Bagaimana Kabarmu? (How do you do?)How do you do? You can answer it back how do you do. This introduction is used for the first time both people. However, in Indonesia, the words of how do you do have the same meaning, it is bagaimana kabarmu? It is almost the same as Apa kabar? So, to answer this you just say, kabar saya baik.
  4. Anda berasal dari mana? (Where are you from?)How to ask where are you from in Bahasa Indonesia? Just say; Anda berasal dari mana? It is the formal way or Kamu berasal dari mana? It is for an informal way. The answer is same, you just say; Saya dari … (fill the blanks with your country or city). Example, saya dari kota Surabaya (I am from Surabaya city).
  5. Salam kenal (Nice to meet you)Salam kenal or nice to meet you, these words you can say it before you said the farewell. Yes, these words usually said at the end of the conversation. To reply back, you just say; salam kenal juga or salam kenal kembali.
  6. Lama tidak bertemu (Long time no see)

Indonesia Polite Expression Phrases

These third part, we will learn about some polite expression phrases that you can use it while in Indonesia. So, let’s check these out.

  1. Permisi (Excuse me)Permisi, bisakah saya lewat?(Excuse me, could I pass?) The word of permisi is already explained that this expression is used to attract’s people politely.
  2.  Maaf (Sorry)Maaf, saya tidak sengaja.(Sorry, I did not mean it) The word of maaf is an express how to show the bad feeling, mistake, and sadness to other people. So, while you do some mistake, just say Maaf.
  3. Mohon Maaf (Pardon me)Mohon maaf, bisakah anda mengulanginya sekali lagi?(Pardon me, could you repeat it again?) The word of pardon or mohon maaf in Bahasa Indonesia. This word of mohon maaf is an express how to repeat the question or a state that you can’t hear it clearly or a state that you do not understand.
  4. Tolong (Please)Tolong, matikan lampu kamar sebelum kamu tidur(Please, switch off the lamp before you go to sleep.) Notice this, if you need other people’s hand. So, you should say please or tolong. The words of tolong is an express how to ask for help in polite ways.
  5. Terima Kasih (Thank you)Terima kasih, say these word while you accept something from others. These words are an expression of thanks in Indonesia. The example; terima kasih atas kehadirannya. (Thank you for coming.) 

Indonesia farewell phrases

Last part, how to express a farewell in Bahasa Indonesia? Well, below here are the proper ways how to say farewell in Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. Hati-hati (Be careful)How to say be careful in Bahasa Indonesia? You can say hati-hati ya or you can say hati-hati di jalan.
  2. Sampai bertemuWhile you want to say goodbye but you will meet your friend in the next day or after a few hours even years you can say sampai  bertemu (see you soon). Add some words like sampai bertemu minggu depan. (see you soon next week)
  3. Sampai jumpaSampai jumpa or goodbye these words always say at the end of the conversation. Sometimes the Indonesian people said sampai jumpa with da.. da.. (informal ways) or bye in English.
  4. Sampai nantiSee you around, how to say it in Bahasa Indonesia? Sampai nanti,  you can say these word. Adds some words like Semoga kita berjumpa kembali (May we meet again.)

Hopefully, the list of Indonesian phrases above can useful for you and you can use it in daily while you in Indonesia. Therefore, please take a look on the list of useful Balinese phrases. As the tourist who wants to come to Bali, Indonesia you should learn it how to say some Balinese phrases.

Is there any example? Sure you can learn the basic Balinese phrases and examples here. It is so easy to learn. So, do not ever give up to learn Bahasa Indonesia every day. Keep it up and practice. Good luck.