How to Order Online Taxibike (Ojek) in Indonesian language

Hi good people! I hope you all doing well. Today we are going to learn one important thing in Indonesian day-to-day life, which is how to do basic conversation when ordering an Online Taxibike (Ojek) in Indonesian Language.

What’s Ojek in Indonesia? 

What is Online Ojek? The word “Ojek” means taxibike, it simply like a taxi but using motorbike instead of car. Online Ojek is a result of digitalization of Ojek, where you can order Ojek through mobile apps.

Online taxibike or so-called Online Ojek has become one of the most popular transportation in Indonesia. The wide spread of Online Ojek in big cities in Indonesia has make this transportation make our mobilization easy. We can go everywhere we want by ordering an Online Ojek. However, most of the Online Ojek driver does not speak English well. So, learning this is why knowing how to do basic conversation in Indonesian language when ordering Online Ojek is important.

When ordering an Online Ojek, we need to download the application first to our mobile phone. After that, we can directly order the Online Ojek by stating our pick up point and destination. Then, after we find the driver we need to contact the driver immedietly. The first thing to say to the driver is asking him whether he is available to do the order or not. This is because some driver are on the rest after completing their previous order.

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Some others maybe only do the courier job. Here are several phrases for asking the availability of Ojek driver:

Phrases to Asking Ojek Driver’s Availability in Indonesian Language

  • Apakah bisa antar? (Can you pick me up)
  • Bisa Antar, Pak? (Can you pick me up, sir?)
  • Bisa narik kan pak? (Can you do the order, sir?)

In the first phrase, we use formal form of asking. It showed in the used of “Apakah” as a question word in front of the sentence. In the second phrase, we are going less formal since we do not use any question word and directly with question mark. In the third phrase, we use slang in the sentence. The slang word is “narik”. The word “narik” is not mean “pull” in english. In this case, “Narik” means do the order.

In case the driver said that he is unavailable to do the order, you can cancel the order and go find for new driver. Before you cancel the order, it is better to say to the driver first to let him know that you will cancel the order.

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Below are several phrases to let the driver know that you will cancel the order:

Phrases for Canceling the Order in Indonesian Language

  • Mohon maaf, saya cancel ya pak. (Sorry, but I have to cancel the order)
  • Kalau begitu saya cancel ya. (It’s Okay, I’ll cancel the order.)
  • Boleh saya cancel? (Is it okay if I cancel the order?)

If the driver said that he is available to do the order, then you can give further information for the pick up. You can stated the location and give your characteristics such as the color of clothes or what accessories you wear. Below are examples of how to give information for ojeg driver to pick you up. 

Example of Giving Information For Ojek Driver To Pick You Up

  • Saya tunggu di lobby. (I will wait at the lobby)
  • Saya didepan pintu masuk (I’m in front of entrance)
  • Saya di lobby, pakai kacamata dan baju biru. (I’m at the lobby, wearing glasses and blue tees.)

In the first and second phrase, the sentence is directly mentioned where you want to be pick up. The third phrase showed more comprehensive as you give additional information about your characteristics as well as stated where you want to be picked up. After that, the driver may find you in the location you mentioned before. You may look at the license plate number to make sure you get the right driver, or you may simply call the driver’s name that stated in the application.

When you meet the driver, ask him to follow the map’s direction to your destination, unless you know the shortcut or the detailed way. If the driver said that he has no online maps application, then you may use your own map and guide him to your destination. You may need to learn on how to giving directions in Indonesian language here.

This is the example on how to do basic conversation when ordering an Online Ojek from the beginning till you meet the driver.

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When contacting the driver through chat

A: Sore pak, Bisa Antar? (Good Afternoon, Sir. Can you do the order?)

B: Ok. Dijemput dimana? (Ok. Where I can pick you up?)

A: Saya tunggu dilobby. Saya pakai kacamata. (I will wait at the lobby. I’m wearing glasses)

B: Ok. Ditunggu. (Ok, wait for me)

When you meet the driver

A: Pak… (mention the driver name)

B: Betul. Mau lewat mana pak? (Yes. Which route you want to take?)

A: Ikutin peta saja. (Just follow the map)

B: Ok. (Okay)

When you arrive, you can give tip to the driver if you feel that he is nice and helpful. Normal range of tipping for online ojeg is Rp. 5.000,- to Rp. 20.000,-.

Now you already know how to do basic conversation when ordering an online ojek in Indonesian language. This is definitely will make your life easier when you want to move from one place to another using an Online Ojek App. Happy practice!