A-Z Indonesian Words for Transport – Meaning

Have you learn about Indonesian unique words? If yes, let’s move to the next topic, Indonesian transport. Transportation has undergone many developments in Indonesia in order to provide a modern and effective transportation for the people. Especially in most big cities, modern type of transportation can easily be found such as taxi, train, airplane, and such. Even though transportation in Indonesia is still in attempt to modernization, but traditional transportation are available.

Indonesian Words for Transport

Some traditional transportation may be no longer available because people choose modern transportation over the traditional. Here are some Indonesian words for transport to enrich your vocabulary. Planning to do some shopping in Indonesia? Check out Indonesian bargaining words.

Indonesian English Definition
Mobil Car
Sepeda Bicycle
Sepeda motor Motorbike
Kereta api Train
Pesawat Airplane
Perahu Boat
Perahu motor Motor boat
Helikopter Helicopter
Kapal ferri Ferry
Bis Bus
Bis kecil/ bis mini Minibus
Kapal Ship
Kapal selam Submarine
Becak Pedicab
Ojek Motorbike taxi It is a Uber-style service using motorcycle and mobile application.
Dokar Horse-pulled cart It is a two wheeled cart with horse-drawn.
Bajaj Three wheels car-like transportation, similar to tuk-tuk in Thailand.
Bentor (becak motor) Motor pedicab A pedicab with motor
Andong Four wheel horse cart It is a four wheels horse cart usually can be found in Yogyakarta
Angkutan umum Public transportation
Taksi Taxi
Truk Truck

Some traditional transportation is also made into miniature creatures for souvenirs such as becak or pedicab, bicycle, and so on. 

Indonesian Words Related to Transportation

Speaking of transportation, it is incomplete to not discussing about words related to it. When you are in Indonesia or learning the language, it is important to also learn anything about transportation. Also learn about Indonesian words for days of the week.

  • Wheels – roda
  • Stasiun – train station
  • Rel kereta – railway
  • Jalan tol – highway
  • Jalan layang – freeway
  • Lampu lalu lintas – traffic lights
  • Terminal – bus station
  • Halte bis – bus stop
  • Jembatan penyeberangan – pedestrian bridge
  • Trotoar – sidewalk
  • Karcis – ticket
  • Bandara – airport
  • Transportasi bandara – airport shuttle
  • Loket karcis – ticket counter
  • Parkir – parking
  • Area parkir – parking lot
  • Persewaan mobil – car rent
  • POM bensin – fuel station
  • Pelabuhan – seaport, harbor
  • Transportasi online – online transportation service for example Go-Jek, Uber, and Grab.
  • Jalan – street, road
  • Helm – helmet
  • Sabuk pengaman – seat belt
  • SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi ) – driving license

Some transportation may be different from one city to another for example bajaj which can be found only in Jakarta, andong in Jogjakarta, and much more. Different city may have different traditional transportation but modern transportation mostly available in big cities.

Online transportation service such as Grab, Uber, and Go-Jek are mostly available in big cities. In islands outside Java, traditional transportation are still quite popular to travel within the cities including water transportation. Also learn Indonesian words for fruits.

In this globalization era, traditional transportation era may have lost existence because the invention modern existence. Learning Indonesian words for transport and words related to it is important to help you get around Indonesia’s cities. Also learn Indonesian words for clothing.