How to Say Big Brother in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabulary – Example

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In Indonesian society, being polite with others is very important. That is why Indonesian people were being famous with their kindness and friendlyness. They are very respect with manner and etiquette otherwise they are very open on accepting new people such as foreigner tourists.

When it comes into conversation, in Indonesian society there are different way to speak on different level. Those level differentiate by the age of the speakers. When you were talking with older people more polite the way you speak more respect you will get.

This age level also were applied when it comes into family conversation. In English on the family tree there are father, mother, brother, sister. When you said just “brother” or “sister” there is no further information about the age of the subject whether they are younger or older than the speaker.

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But in Indonesian society, there will be clear differentiate on family member nickname for example:

  • Father: Bapak
  • Mother: Ibu
  • Older Brother: Kakak laki-laki: Abang/Mas
  • Younger Brother: Adik laki-laki: Adik
  • Older sister: Kakak perempuan:Kakak/Mbak
  • Younger sister: Adik perempuan: Adik
  • Uncle: In Indonesia divide into two: Pakde (Kakak laki-laki ayah/ibu) and Om (Adik laki-laki ayah/ibu)
  • Aunt: In Indonesia also divide into two: Budhe (Kakak perempuan ayah/ibu) and Tante (Adik perempuan ayah/ibu)

Example of using family member nickname on sentences:

  • My father works as a banker. (Ayahku bekerja sebagai seorang pegawai bank)
  • My mothers name is Astuti. (Ibuku bernama Astuti)
  • Abangku sedang tidur. (My brother were sleeping)
  • Pakde Ananta akan datang minggu depan. (Uncle Ananta will come here next week)
  • Itu adalah Tante Aulia, dia adik ibuku. (She is aunt Aulia, my mother’s sister)

According to the title, about How to Say Big Brother in Bahasa Indonesia from the explanation above we could conclude that there is no difference on the nickname between big brother and older brother in Bahasa Indonesia, both of them use the same word “Abang” or “Mas”. Another way on how to say big brother in Bahasa Indonesia is by using the word “Kakak”.
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The word /Abang/ could be pronounciated with produce the sound of /A/, just open your mouth and say /A/ like the sound of /Ha/, continue with the word /Bang/ like what has been written.
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Sometimes in Indonesian society they used “Abang” not only to call a family member but also used when they talks into a stranger which were a man and maybe looks older in order to be polite.

Example the used of the word “Abang” :

  • Bang, berapa harga tomat 1 kg? (Bro, how much does it cost of 1 kg tomatoes?)
  • Bang, kalau mau ke Balai Desa arahnya kemana? (Bro, could you give the direction to go the government office?)

There is no different terms when it used on whether formal on informal occasion. You could still use “Abang”, “Mas” or “Kakak” when you were in a formal occasion like on an office meeting. Whether it is used to call your sibling or someone you just met still it is to show that you give them respect and try to be polite. How to Say Brother in Bahasa Indonesia

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Hopefully this article were easy to understand and provide knowledge on your learning process of Bahasa Indonesia. See you later !