How to Say Cool in Indonesian – Phrases – Meaning

Cool is one of word you can say when you find something and you think it is amazing. Actually cool and amazing are not much different in Indonesia, they are equally reveals a sense of amazing.

And, How to Say Cool in Indonesian?

Formal Language :

  • Keren

“Keren” is a formal language that you can use for everyone, younger or older people does not matter. You can say : “Kamu keren!” or “You’re cool!” in English.

  • Keren sekali or Keren banget

“Keren sekali” or “Keren banget” is one of word which have the same mean with “Very Cool”. This word can be used in everywhere because this is formal language.

Alay Language (Informal Language) :

  • Kece

“Kece” is one of ‘alay’ language in Indonesia. Although “kece” is alay language, you can still use it for everyone, even for the older people.

Contoh : Kok lo kece sih.

(Example : You’re cool.)

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  • Kece banget (Very cool)

Notes :

Keren and Kece can be :

1. Keren baday

2. Kece baday

3. Keren gila

4. Kece gila

5. Wow, keren banget gila

6. Kece banget gila, etc.

So, that’s how to say cool in Indonesian and the meaning.

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This is example conversation in English and Bahasa

English :

R : “Hi M, how are you today?”

M : “I am fine. How about you?”

R : “I am fine too. What are you doing?”

M : “I am playing guitar. Playing guitar is one of my hobby. What is your hobby?”

R : “Wow. You’re very cool! My hobby is gaming.”

M : “Thank you so much. Btw, I like game too.”

R : “What’s game do yo like?”

M : “I love all of the online games, primarily RPG genre”

R : “Sounds good. We are same.”

M : “Wow. you’re cool!

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Indonesian :

R : “Hi M, gimana kabarmu?”

M : “Aku baik. Bagaimana denganmu?”

R : “Aku baik juga. Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan?”

M : “Aku sedang bermain gitar. Bermain gitar adalah salah satu hobiku. Apa hobimu?”

R : “Wow. Kamu keren banget! Hobiku adalah bermain game.”

M : “Makasih banyak. Btw, aku juga suka game.”

R : “Game apa yang kamu suka?”

M : “Aku suka semua game online, terutama genre RPG”

R : “Ternyata kita sama.”

M : “Kok lo kece sih.”