80 Funny Indonesian Translations Will Blown Your Mind

Indonesian is truly a unique language. Did you know that Indonesian words in Minions? You might have learned some basic Indonesian vocabulary and Indonesian conversation examples but as you progress in your learning, you might find many odd phrases in Indonesian that might sound weird if you translate them literally into your native language such as English.

Funny Indonesian Translations

There are also some famous Indonesian phrases and Indonesian words that rhymes you might encounter. Just like idioms, these Indonesian words are actually metaphors with a whole different meaning than their literal meaning.

Here’s a list of funny Indonesian translations of these phrases!

  1. angkat tangan (raise hand): surrender
  2. buah tangan (hand fruit) : gifts
  3. buah bibir (lips fruit) : byword
  4. anak emas (golden child) : the favorite child
  5. angkat topi (raise hat) : respect (give the salute/respect)
  6. cacing kepanasan (worm feeling hot) : used to describe a person who cannot be still/quiet
  7. cinta buta: (blind love) : crazy in love
  8. hidung belang (stripes nose): lady killer
  9. adu domba : pit against pitte (provoke)
  10. makan garam (eating salt) : used to describe a person who has had many experiences in life, a senior
  11. Cari muka (looking face) – trying to look good
  12. Cuci mata (wash eyes) – window shopping/taking in another view
  13. anak buah – (fruit child) – Subordinate
  14. anak bawang -(onion child) – the odd one out/the one whose picked last.
  15. tangan panjang – (long arm/hand) – thief
  16. jalan tikus – (rat road) – similar to the English rat run meaning short cut.
  17. cuci tangan (wash off hands) = try to escape from something by cleaning up evidence
  18. angkat kaki (lift foot) = to leave
  19. ringan tangan (light hand) = love to help, in sinister way: quick at raising hands & beating up somebody
  20. jago merah (red roaster) = big fire/flame (often used in fire disaster)
  21. main api (play with fire) = do something risky
  22. buang muka (throw face away) = to look away, to avert or ignore in purpose
  23. buah hati (fruit of heart) = beloved child
  24. bintang lapangan (star in the field) = the MVP
  25. gulung tikar (to roll the mat) = go bankrupt
  26. pindah tangan (move hands) = transition of authority (for belongings, possession of things)
  27. darah biru (blue blood) = aristocrat
  28. darah dingin (cold blooded) = cold blooded
  29. tangan besi (iron hand) = dictactor
  30. lintah darat (leech) = similar to loan shark?
  31. naik daun (going up leaf) = becoming popular
  32. meja hijau (green table) = the court (law)
  33. banting tulang (throw bones) = work hard
  34. kepala dingin (cold head), to think with “kepala dingin” is to think clearly not just based on emotion.
  35. “mendinginkan kepala” is to cool off
  36. unjuk gigi (showing tooth) = bare fangs, to demonstrate your skill
  37. unjuk rasa (utter the feelings) = demonstration 
  38. gigit jari (biting finger) = to feel dissapointed
  39. kelinci percobaan = guinea pig, lab rat (metaphor)
  40. tangan hijau = green finger
  41. bunga desa (flower in the village) = the most beautiful girl in a village
  42. besar kepala (big head) = arrogant
  43. besar mulut = big mouth / blabber mouth
  44. mata hati, to use “mata hati” is to use your heart/conscience
  45. kebakaran jenggot (having one’s beard on fire) = to lose patience
  46. kutu buku = book worm
  47. kutu loncat (jumping flea) = a fickle person, a term used for people love changing jobs.
  48. muka dua = two faced
  49. gede rasa – big headed or overly confident often shorten to GR in Indonesian slang
  50. cinta monyet – (monkey love) – puppy love /childish crush.
  51. main mata – (playing eyes) – flirting 
  52. anak pasaran – (market child) – common/ commoner
  53. bau tanah – (smells of dirt/soil) – nearing death / one foot in the grave, used to describe a really old person
  54. tertangkap tangan basah – (caught wet handed) – caught red handed
  55. pas foto – to get to first base eg to kiss as the head being the only thing you can see in a passport photo.
  56. Otak udang (shrimp brain) = Stupid If you ever peeled a shrimp that still has its head on, you know that the
  57. head is full of its poo.
  58. Kambing hitam (black goat) = Scapegoat
  59. Muka tembok (wall face) = Thick skinned, shameless
  60. Cuci mulut (wash mouth) = Desert
  61. Kaki tangan (leg arm) = Staff, assistants, minions, henchmen
  62. tuan rumah (house master) = a host.
  63. kupu-kupu malam (night butterfly) = prostitute
  64. angkat jempol (to raise thumbs) = admit somebody’s greatness
  65. mata hijau (green eyes) = money oriented
  66. silat lidah (tongue fight) = bicker

Thus, that’s all the funny Indonesian translations that will make you laugh! Find other funny Indonesian phrases here!