12 Indonesian Proverbs That Donald Trump Should Learn Today

I think the majority of nation the world has its own cultural value that are represented on their languages. On the other word, most of language has its own proverbs. You have known many of Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs on the previous lesson. However, we will learn to be more specific. At this opportunity, let’s learn about Indonesian Proverbs That Donald Trump Should Learn Today.

These are list of proverbs that may really describe himself as well as ‘help’ to look the world in different perspectives. Before we start, check also these following articles.

‘Tong Kosong Nyaring Bunyinya’ and ‘Air Beriak Tanda Tak Dalam’

Here is the first an Indonesian Proverbs That Donald Trump Should Learn Today. “Tong Kosong Nyaring Bunyinya” has literal meaning as ’empty drum makes a loud sound’. On the other word, like an empty drum, people that know nothing usually be the one of the noisiest even though they do not know anything (bullshit).

The proverb has similarity with another proverb called “Air Beriak Tanda Tak Dalam” (Shallow water has ripples) that means too much talking (over talkative) people usually know nothing.

‘Air Tenang Menghanyutkan’

In contrast, there is another proverb called ‘Air Tenang Menghanyutkan’ (Calm water washes away). It means silent person may has more (unexpected) knowledge. Therefore, sometimes  ‘diam adalah emas’ (silence is golden) and people should be more humble. In English, it similar with ‘still water runs deep’

‘Mulutmu Harimaumu’

Still around mouth context, the other popular proverb is ‘Mulutmu Harimaumu’ (your mouth is your tiger), which means what you said could backfire to you.

Therefore, you should aware and conscious with everything you said (and did not said) because it will has consequences to you and others. How many critics that were sent by people to Donald Trump because his words that came out from his mouth and his tweet?

‘Memang Lidah Tidak Bertulang’

Furthermore, another proverb that really great for Donald Trump and majority of politician is ‘memang lidah tak bertulang’ (the tongue indeed has no bone), which means similar to tongue that easily move because it is not attached to any bones, sweet promises could easily came out to your mouth (especially in campaign, right?), but it is easily broken and forgotten (people who can’t keep his/her promises). In a simple word, it means ‘liar’.

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‘Seperti Katak Hendak Menjadi Lembu’

Seperti Katak Hendak Menjadi Lembu (Like a frog who dream to be an ox) is a story about a cocky frog that always want to be better than the others.

He said that he could be as big as an ox. In order to grow, the frog inflated itself with air, but   eventually blowing himself up and dying. On the other words, it represents a person that wish/feel that himself/herself could be something more than capability (which impossible). Donald Trump is a great businessman, but a president? 

‘Gajah Bertarung Melawan Gajah, Pelanduk Mati di Tengah-Tengah’ and ‘Kalah Jadi Abu, Menang Jadi Arang’

Another proverb that really fit to Donald Trump and also other head of government is “Gajah Beratrung Melawan Gajah, Pelanduk Mati di Tengah-Tengah” (When elephants wage wars against elephants, deer die in the middle) which means when a ‘big (elephant)’ person (the authority, president and so on) has a fight with another ‘big (elephant)’ person, the real victim is ‘small (deer)’ person or ‘the people’.

On the other words, if two country declare nuclear wars, the citizen would be the one impacted the most, right? In addition, it is related to another proverb ‘Kalah Jadi Abu, Menang Jadi Arang’ (The losers be ashes, the winners become charcoal)’, which means every fight, war and conflict would cost, harm both sides. Therefore, let’s build peace.

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‘Karena Nila Setitik Rusak Susu Sebelangga’

This proverb, ‘Karena Nila Setitik, Rusak Susu Sebelangga’ (With only a drop of poison, a pot of milk is ruined) is the one of my favorite. It means, because of one mistakes, all of the goodness, kindness or everything we have build will be nothing (forgotten).

Which one you remember the most? A person mistake or 99 of his/her achievement and kindness? Be careful, Donald Trump because people could not easily forget whatever decision you made. In addition, it is also means, one person (like nila setitik–a drop of posion) could ruined a group of great people (a pot of milk). 

‘Tak Bisa Menari Dikatakan Lantai yang Berjungkit’

This proverb is literally translated as ‘cannot dance, so blames the floor’, which means that you took scapegoat for your mistakes or on the other word is people who do not take responsibility. We should grow up and clean our own dirt, right?

‘Bagai Air di Daun Talas’

Another Indonesian Proverbs That Donald Trump Should Learn Today is ‘like water on a taro leaf’ is means that like water that quickly slips around the leaf, it describes unpredictable person that who could easily change his/her decision. When you are in the position like president, it is intolerable, right?

‘Gajah Mati Meninggalkan Gading, Orang Mati Meninggalkan Nama’

Last but not least is ‘Gajah mati meninggalkan gading, orang mati meninggalkan nama’ (Elephant dies leaving ivory, a man dies leaving name). It means you would leave some legacy of yourself. You do not want people remember just the bad side of you, right? Our body may decomposed, but the memory (especially popular person like Donald Trump) will live through generations in people mind.

That’s a wrap of Indonesian Proverbs That Donald Trump Should Learn Today. If you want to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia, check these articles.