How to Say Darling in Indonesian – Phrase – Definition

Hello guys! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, the best way to learn Indonesian Language through online. You can learn Bahasa Indonesia easily here for free. Now I am going to show you how to say darling in Indonesian. Here is how to get started!

The word of Darling in English means ‘sayang’ in Indonesian. It is an informal word in English. It is used to address a romantic partner. Saying this word is not easily to be told to everyone. Because most of Indonesian people say ‘sayang’ to the one they love. It also can be used for the call of lovers.

Also it can be found in some examples of poetry in Indonesian. Love is one of the things in the wold that everyone knows. It is a word that blind to see, deaf can hear, and dumb can express. Expressing love is a quite simple task. For example: “Aku sayang kamu, sayang” (“I love you, darling”). There are many other Indonesian words for I Love You that you can learn to improve your Indonesian language.

This word of ‘sayang’ also can be used for parents to children, older close family to younger close family, and teachers of playgroup/kindergarten/ elementary school to their students. Sometimes, it also can be used to younger close family to older close family or between friends with adding relation term. For example: 

  • “Halo, sayang” (“Hello, Darling”), 
  • “Sayangku” (“My Darling”), 
  • “Kakakku sayang” (“My Darling Sister”), 
  • “Ibuku sayang” (“My Darling Mom”, 
  • “Temanku sayang” (my darling friend), 
  • “Terima kasih”, (sayang (“Thank you darling”), 
  • “Sebentar lagi aku siap, sayang” (“I’ll be ready in just a minut, darling”), 

and how to say goodnight in Indonesian language as “Selamat malam, sayang” (“Good night, darling”).   

There are many other Indonesian Words for Love that you can find to improve your Indonesian language too. Some of the words ‘sayang’ can be use as for the lovers too.

‘Sayang’ also can have the meaning as too bad as in if we miss a change or opportunity. Here is a dialog between Zhillan and Zahra as an example:

Zhillan : “Aku hampir menang, tapi tiba-tiba kakiku cedera, jadi kalah.”

  (“I almost win, but suddenly my foot is injured, so I loose.”)

Zahra : “Sayang…”

  (“What a miss…”)

The last, the word of ‘sayang’ can be use if we spend something excessively with no/ little result or something that waste. For Example: “Jangan beli barang ini kalau kamu tidak akan pakai. Sayang…” (“Do not buy this thing, if you are not going to use it. What a waste of money.”) You may also read How to Say I Like You in Indonesian

Congratulations! Now you can know how to say darling in Indonesian ‘sayang’ and the differences meaning of ‘sayang’ in Indonesian as well.

That’s all the explanations from me about how to say darling in Indonesian. I hope this article is useful for you to help you showing your darling in Indonesian someone based on the people that you love. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.