How to Say You’re Welcome in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

You have learned how to say thank you in Indonesian. You can read it again if you want to refresh your memory. After saying thank you, the other person will say you’re welcome in English. What will happen if you are getting the opposite role? You have to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. There are many ways to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. There are formal and informal ways to say it. Read explanation below to know how to say you’re welcome in Indonesian.

Formal way to say you’re welcome in Indonesian

A formal method that can be used to answer “thank you” is to use the phrase “terima kasih kembali”. This phrase is the closest translation of the word you’re welcome. Roughly speaking, this phrase when translated into English becomes “thank you again”.

Besides using “thank you again”, you can also use “sama-sama”. The word “sama-sama” is the most common way to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. However, this method is sometimes considered less formal, so it is sometimes rarely used in very formal events.

Informal way to say you’re welcome in Indonesian

The use of the word “sama-sama” can sometimes be considered quite formal. However, using it on daily conversation is also common enough. Most people answer “thank you” using “sama-sama.” Several people say it in another way to make it cuter.

Sometimes people shorten it to “masama”. You can use this when talking with same-age friends or really close friends. “Sama-sama” sometimes feels too long to say so that the younger generation prefers to abbreviate it to “masama”. Here’s also important to learn about How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian

Other ways to express you’re welcome in Indonesian

Just like in English, there are various words that can be used to answer the word “thank you” or “thanks”. The person who thanks you means he or she gets help from you. It also means that you have done something useful for him or her. Here’s also important to learn about Indonesian Words for Hello

Therefore, various use of words is also commonly used, for example:

  • With pleasure or it’s my pleasure
    Dengan senang hati
  • Not at all, don’t mention it, atau no problem
    “Tidak apa-apa” or “bukan masalah”.
  • Kembali kasih
    This is actually not really common way to say you’re welcome. However, some people use it when talking with close friends. This phrase, if translated directly will become returned love. The meaning is that we already receive the gratitude and want to give it back as a sign that we are really glad to be able to help them.
  • Yes
    “Yes” if translated becomes “iya” or abbreviated “ya” in Indonesian. You can also say this in informal situation. Most Indonesian likes to say abbreviated words. Using “ya” is also common enough, but only use it in informal situation. Here’s also important to learn about How to Say No in Indonesian

That’s several ways of expressing you’re welcome in Indonesian. You can choose which one that you like based on the situation. The safest and easiest is just to say “sama-sama” or “ya” after someone say thank you. They are also polite enough for daily use. Don’t forget to say the words while smiling. Not smiling after helping someone can be a sign that you didn’t like to be bothered. Spread kindness and keep practicing the words. Here’s also important to learn about How to Greet People in Indonesia

Thank you for reading, hope the article helpful for you. Happy Learning Bahasa!