How to say Eid Mubarak in Indonesian – Meaning and Examples

Indonesia is the largest muslim population in the world. There are many islamic traditions that celebrated every year. The most awaited Islamic feast of the year is eid Mubarak. Besides religious aspect, eid Mubarak  also tells about Indonesian tradition. You can also learn how to say other religious celebration greetings such as  how to say Merry christmas and happy new year in Indonesian on previous lesson.

Eid Mubarak , or some others called eid al-Fitr and most of Indonesian people say it Lebaran, is an important religious celebration that marks the end of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is one of month in lunar calendar, used by Islamic people, and after that month it is continued with month of Syawal.

So, Eid Mubarak is celebrated on the first day of month of Syawal. There are also twelve months in Islamic lunar calendar as in gregorian calendar and Ramadhan is the sixth month in lunar or we call it; Hijriah calendar.

During the month of Ramadhan, all muslim people have to do fasting. They don’t eat and drink during noon, they have to pray and recite Al Qur’an, Islamic holly bible, all the time they can. They should avoid to do sins and do virtue activities such as distribute donation to the poor and at night they have to attend the mosque to do praying, together with other muslim in the neighborhood.

Mostly during Ramadhan there are a lot of religious activities for Islamic people. Even some activities such as going to the office for work or going to school still going on but sometimes, the office and school will shorten the working and studying hours. That is happened because they have to prepare for break fasting meals in the afternoon. This activities will be occured for about 29 or 30 days in month of Ramadhan.

At the end of Ramadhan, finally the feast has come. People are happy and celebrate. After Eid Mubarak praying, usually held on mosque or field, muslim people gather with their family and say greetings and apologize for each other so every mistake will be forgiven.

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How to say Eid Mubarak in Indonesian

There are some phrases usually used when people say Eid Mubarak for each other:

English – Indonesian

  • Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! – Selamat Hari Raya semuanya!
  • Happy Eid Mubarak! – Selamat Lebaran!
  • Happy Eid-al Fitr – Selamat  Idul Fitri
  • Please forgive my mistakes – Mohon maaf lahir dan batin

Nowdays the eid Mubarak greetings are being modified, it is happened because of influenced by Arabic phrase. But it is common to say the eid Mubarak greetings as above examples but some people in Indonesia recently add the greetings that contains praying words.

There are:

Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept this worship from us, and from you)

For all greetings we should answer by saying the same phrase.

During eid Mubarak celebration many people coming home to meet their families and relatives. It is become a great moving activities all over the country, because people take their off and going back to their hometown, so I advice you to stay at home and don’t take any vacation because there will be crowded on bus and station also in the airport. Just enjoy your time at home and visit your friends that celebrated eid mubarak.

If you are invited by your muslim friends to celebrate Eid Mubarak, you will be served by traditional meals that only can be found during the feast. Don’t forget to learn about greetings ettiquette and manners with Indonesian people.

There are lots of dish will be appeared on the dining table, such as ketupat, made by rice, and it is the most popular food that only can be found on eid mubarak time; sambal goreng hati, made by potatoes and cow liver,  also you will find cakes and cookies that only made to add your happiness in special time.

So please just enjoy the time and meals don’t forget to forgive so we become a new better person. Also, that’s how to say Eid Mubarak in Indonesian. Selamat Lebaran!